Portside Snapshot - August 27, 2015



Trump vs. Ramos

Joe Peyronnin
Huffington Post
Donald Trump has had an affinity for incendiary assertions about immigration, but an allergy to journalistic questioning on the topic. Tuesday, Jorge Ramos called Trump's bluff by insisting on posing such questions, and Trump had him ejected from his news conference.

The Problem with Female Superheroes

Cindi May
Scientific American
Given that gender portrayals in music videos, advertisements, video games and other popular culture powerfully shape expectations and attitudes about gender roles, it is not surprising that the emergence of powerful, but still hypersexualized, heroine images has affected popular beliefs and self-images. But the impact has not always been what you might think.

Stunning Truths About Mass Shootings in America

Erica Hellerstein
Think Progress
Among the findings of a new survey of all public mass shootings in the United States over the last 50 years: we account for one third of all such events in the world, mass murderers here use more weapons than elsewhere, and a nation's civilian firearm ownership rate is the strongest predictor of mass shootings.

On World Dog Day, How Dogs Saved Humankind

Caren Cooper
PLOS blogs
August 26 is World Dog Day, a good time to reflect on the very reasonable possibility that dogs enabled modern humans to outcompete Neanderthals, and also on the fact that dogs are smarter, more empathetic and more devious than you knew. These days, both ordinary dogs and their ordinary humans can participate in Citizen Science, advancing our understanding of this oldest human coevolution.

Nurses' Union Election Shows Faster NLRB Pace

Jane M. Von Bergen, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer
New NLRB rules quicken the union election process between petitioning the NLRB for an election and the election itself - leaving less time, the unions say, for union-busting intimidation.

Give Us the Ballot

Michael O'Donnell
Barnes & Noble Review
The Voting Rights Act (VRA), passed by Congress in July, 1965 and signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson fifty years ago this month, has had a storied history. This basic achievement of the Civil Rights Movement has also seen conservatives, including long-time anti VRA campaigner and now U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts, fight it tooth and nail.




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