Portside Snapshot - August 3, 2015



We the People and our Patents

Shobita Parthasarathy
The Conversation
An early expression of democracy, the US patent system is out of step with today’s citizens.

The Kurdish Elephant

John Feffer,
Foreign Policy in Focus
In their latest deal to fight ISIS, Washington and Turkey are treating the Middle East's largest stateless minority like pawns. That's a huge mistake.

Black Lives Caught in the Cross Hairs of Injustice

Re:Sound -- Third Coast Festival / WBEZ radio
As the movement for racial justice spurred by the seemingly endless series of police killings of African Americans grows we are reminded that the issues are not new, they are endemic in U.S. history. What happens after the headlines subside? The truth has been buried too often, and for too long and there can be no justice until these stories are resurrected, scrubbed of their racist falsehoods. U.S. history needs to be put right.

The Apache vs. Rio Tinto

Nick Kimbrell
The Nation
The San Carlos tribe is fighting to block a massive mining project that would cut a two-mile wide crater through sacred land.

An Angry Rap Video Is Roiling Indians Against Mercury Poisoning

Rama Lakshmi
Washington Post
The rap song, sung by Sofia Ashraf, exhorts Unilever to clean up the toxic site of its abandoned mercury thermometer factory and compensate hundreds of its workers who have been exposed to mercury poisoning. The factory moved to India after it was shut down in Watertown, N.Y., in the early 1980s when concern over mercury in the Great Lakes was at its peak.




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