Portside Snapshot - August 7, 2015



The Srebrenica Precedent

David N. Gibbs
A truly pivotal event in the post–Cold War era, Srebrenica helped forge a pro-interventionist alliance of both militarist liberals and conservatives. This alliance remains a potent lobby for war to the present day.

From Liberal Hand-wringing to the Political Economy of Assassination: The Charleston Shootings and Mainstream Society’s Complicity in Murder

Jonathan Michael Feldman
Submitted by Author
The under-regulation of guns is a conscious political project of the NRA. If the NRA is like other elite organizations it follows a general formula of organizing of being not only tied to political power but also media and economic power. Political pressure can be placed on the NRA and these politicians by going after the direct sponsors of the NRA and the corporate sponsors of NRA-politicians.

The Revolt Against the Ruling Class

Robert Reich
Despite the growing revolt against the ruling class, it seems likely that the nominees in 2016 will be Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. After all, the ruling class still controls America. But the revolt against the ruling class won’t end with the 2016 election, regardless. Which means the ruling class will have to change the way it rules America. Or it won’t rule too much longer.

Democracy -- the End of an Experiment

Steve McGiffen
The People's Daily Morning Star
The recently published Roadmap for the Future of the Economic and Monetary Union, signed by five “presidents” — of the European Council, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Central Bank and the Eurogroup — it doesn’t contain much that’s strikingly new, but what it does do is systematise and confirm the abolition of national democracy.

Why We Need a Universal Wage: Heather Shares Her Story About Tipped Work

Drew Christopher Joy
The Southern Maine Workers Center
People say that the restaurant industry in Portland is incestuous – that everyone’s worked with everyone else – but that’s because people keep switching jobs in search of the mythical balance of tips to hours to number of shifts to physical demand.




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