Portside Snapshot - June 13, 2015



Worker Protections in the “New” Economy? There’s No App for That.

Susie Cagle
Al Jazeera America
The growing app-based service economy relies on legions of underpaid and underprotected contract workers. Today's self-employed workers pay an additional 7.5 percent in income tax and cannot qualify for an earned income tax credit. They have no guarantee of equal protection under laws mandating minimum wages, sick leave or family leave, nor do they have protection against workplace discrimination, harassment or injury, unless they prevail in a lawsuit.

Friday Nite Videos -- June 12, 2015

Sixto Rodriguez - Establishment Blues. Pros and Cons: Donald Trump Running for President. Documentary: The Look of Silence. When We Stand Up for 15. Judge: Probable Cause for Murder Charges in Tamir Rice Case.

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders: Media Are Inept and GOP Agenda Is Hidden

Evan Halper
Los Angeles Times
Sanders, the Vermont senator seeking the Democratic nomination, is mixing it up with the media. In a frank give-and-take with reporters, he scolded the media for covering the election like a baseball game. Nobody cares about Gov. Bush's campaign manager, he said, while the GOP has gotten away with murder hiding their agenda.

This Is Your Victory: Fast Track for a Bad Trade Deal Is Derailed

Isaiah J. Poole
Campaign for America's Future
The “allegedly unstoppable momentum” of the pro-fast-track forces just hit the immovable object called transpartisan grassroots democracy. Now the focus will be on “permanently retiring” the fast-track trade promotion authority process, borne out of the Nixon presidency, and replace it with a more inclusive, transparent process that instead of more job-offshoring can deliver trade deals that create American jobs and raise our wages.

A New Internationalism

Van Gosse and Bill Fletcher
In the second decade of the 21st century, it is high time that the Left rethink what it means to practice internationalism in this new world of collapsing states, extraordinary concentrations of wealth, and technologies that make the U.S.–the one world power, however much in decline—able to track or kill people, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Obama-Backed Trade Bill Fails in the House

David Nakamura and Paul Kane
Washington Post
The vote on "Trade Adjustment Act" portion of legislation to allow President Obama to "fast track" the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), failed because Republicans were opposed to giving workers who lose their jobs due to the TPP any additional aid. "Liberal Democrats" voted to kill the TAA bill in order to stop the passage of the TPP, in a Republican controlled House of Representatives.


Philip C. Kolin
The New Verse News
Mississippi poet Philip C. Kolin sees analogies between the recent wave of police shootings and the old Fugitive Slave Act.




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