Portside Snapshot - June 4, 2015



FIFA: Why the USA?

Dave Zirin
The Progressive
This story may very well end with the seventy-nine- year-old FIFA Boss finding a new home inside a U.S. prison. But no, the United States is not the well-oiled machine Putin and others imagine, and sometimes the simplest explanations are in fact the best ones.

Congress Did Not Pass an Anti-Surveillance Law (And Other Thoughts About the USA Freedom Act)

Kevin Gosztola
June 2 was a day that the people won against the security state. US citizens took away the government’s control of nearly all of their domestic call records. And power was forced to act because their operation of a program and the operations of a secret surveillance court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, were no longer seen as legitimate.

The extent of the victory, however, probably ends there.

Will Kaiser's Labor Partnership Crack?

Alexandra Bradbury
Labor Notes
It’s this year’s biggest private-sector bargaining, between the Kaiser Permanente system and a coalition of 28 locals representing 100,000 health care workers.But the national deal, due June 4, may reveal widening cracks in the celebrated labor-management partnership that turns 18 this year. Kaiser is looking for three concessions, say non-coalition unions: increased health care co-pays, cuts to retiree medical coverage, and a two-tier pension.

Until the Rulers Obey

Staughton Lynd
Z Magazine
Editors Clifton Ross and Marcy Rein offer a host of interviews with today's social change activists from Latin America. Staughton Lynd offers a review of this kaleidoscopic survey.




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