Portside Snapshot - May 12, 2015



Bosnie - Sarajevo: The Women’s Court in the Former Yugoslavia

Marieme Helie Lucas
Secularism Is a Women's Issue
May 7 the Women’s Court on war crimes against women during the war in the 1990ies formally started in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Women have come together from all the corners of the former-Yugoslavia to participate in the Women’s Court in Sarajevo, to demand justice for the crimes committed against them during the wars and the enduring inequalities and suffering that followed.

Protect the Public's Right to Free Speech and Free Press

Chelsea Manning
The Guardian (UK)
Manning’s latest Guardian op-ed: We're citizens, not subjects. We have the right to criticize government without fear. The American public needs more access to what the government is doing in its name. That requires increasing freedom of information and transparency.

Eyewitness to the ‘Fall’ of Vietnam: It Was Not a Bloodbath

Claudia Krich
The Davis Enterprise
Claudia Krich, longtime Davis resident and retired teacher, attended a Sacramento screening of the documentary “Last Days in Vietnam” and was moved to write this essay. The documentary rekindled memories of the unique experience she and her husband Keith Brinton shared from 1973 until July of 1975,when they co-directed a civilian rehabilitation program and hosted visiting journalists and officials near My Lai. They stayed in Saigon and saw what happened April 30th.

The Job-Killing-Robot Myth

Dean Baker
LA Times
Are the machines coming for our jobs? Dean Baker argues that we need to get beyond the fear of robots and address the real causes of inequality, low wages and changes in the labor market.




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