Portside Snapshot - April 14, 2015



Growers Move to Gut California's Farm Labor Law

David Bacon
Capital and Main
Hundreds marched to the Los Angeles City Council last October, to support a resolution supporting a farm worker union fight. Hardly anyone had heard of the company involved. Gerawan Farming, one of the country's largest growers, with 5,000 people picking grapes and peaches, is challenging the California law that makes farm workers' union rights enforceable. Lining up behind Gerawan are national anti-union think tanks.

Reparations and a Conversation about America's Redemption

Allie Yee
The Institute for Southern Studies
Students, faculty and community members packed into a basement classroom at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina recently for a panel discussion on reparations and the moral debt the U.S. owes African Americans for centuries of discrimination, exploitation and oppression.

Workers Making Nike and Adidas Shoes in Vietnam: Strike!

The Guardian UK
Guardian is WRONG! Just after media reports, Vietnamese General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) affiliated union members successfully ended the strike. Vietnam unions play an official role to formulate, vote and implement labor policy and other policies via Communist Party, National Assembly, regional/local government and state agencies as well as negotiate workplace contracts. This successful strike resulted in improved interpretations of social insurance policy.

Will the Senate Kill the Iran Deal and Take Us Into Another War?

The GOP (with aid from some hawkish Democrats) is intent on killing any possibility of a final agreement with Iran on its nuclear program. They hope to put together a veto-proof majority to pass the Nuclear Agreement Review Act - S.615, introduced by Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ), that will torpedo any agreement reached with Iran. Take Action Now!

Reclaiming Football for the Working Class

Andy Clark
Working-Class Perspectives
The Living Wage Foundation, which campaigns for companies to pay an enhanced income ensuring a basic standard of living (currently set at £7.85 an hour or £9.15 inside London), called on England’s Premier League (soccer) to pay a ‘living wage’ to full-time, permanent staff.




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