REWIND - A Week of Quotes and Cartoons

December 21, 2013
Portside (December 21, 2013)

A.D.H.D, NSA, Inequality,The Coming Crash, Happiness and Market Fundamentalism

REWIND - A Week of Quotes and Cartoons
Quote of the Day
	December 15, 20 13
'The numbers make it look like an epidemic. Well,
	it's not. It's preposterous. This is a concoction to
	justify the giving out of medication at
	unprecedented and unjustifiable levels.'
Dr. Keith Conners, a psychologist and
	professor emeritus at Duke University,
	on  the rise of A.D.H.D. (attention deficit
	hyperactivity disorder) diagnoses
	and prescriptions for stimulants over
	the years that has coincided with a
	two-decade campaign by pharmaceutical
	companies to publicize the syndrome
	and promote the pills to doctors,
	educators and parents
New York Times
	December 15, 2013
Toon of the Day

	Lose, Lose
	Tony Auth
Quote of the Day
'A major challenge for progressives is whether it is
	possible forge consensus on vision and program [or
	as consultants call it, narrative]. Obama is re-
	emphasizing an emphasis on economic inequality,
	framed as a choice between being on your own or all
	in this together. That’s a start for Democrats, and a
	welcome echo of Occupy Wall Street. The same
	theme accounts for the exceptional rise of Warren
	and De Blasio. But it is a fuzzy and incomplete
	vision, a blended blur of the New Deal (“expand
	Social Security”) and the New Economy (“Facebook
	and Google will set us free”). The faulty vision
	reflects fault lines in the underlying coalition.
	Balancing the contradictions is the key to building a
	winning majority coalition electorally; too far in
	either direction can result in splits which favor the
	Republican strategy of divide-to-rule.'
Tom Hayden, longtime activist and
	former California state senator
Peace Exchange Bulletin
	December 13, 2013
Toon of the Day

	Nick Anderson
Quote of the Day
'The NSA today is out of control and we need strong
	legislation to rein them in. In a free society, the
	government does not collect data on tens of millions
	of people, 99.999 percent of them having nothing to
	do with terrorism. We must be vigilant in protecting
	the American people from terrorism, but we can do
	that without taking away the constitutional and
	privacy rights which make us a free nation.'
Senator Bernie Sanders (Ind. - Vt.)
	Bernie Buzz
	December 17, 2013
Toon of the Day

	M. Wuerker
Quote of the Day
'... 2013 taught millions of Americans that
	capitalism repeatedly contradicts the democratic
	idea that majority decisions should govern society
	as a whole. The system's tendency toward deepening
	inequalities of income and wealth operated across
	2013 in direct contradiction to the will of
	substantial American majorities.'
Richard D. Wolff, professor of
	Economics Emeritus,
	University of Massachusetts
'Capitalism and Democracy: Year-End Lessons'
	December 18, 2013
Toon of the Day

	The Bridge
	Jeff Danziger
Quote of the Day
'So many medical professionals benefit from
	overprescribing that it is difficult to find a neutral
	source of information. Prominent doctors get paid by
	drug companies to deliver upbeat messages to their
	colleagues at forums where they typically exaggerate
	the effectiveness of the drugs and downplay their
	side effects. Organizations that advocate on behalf of
	patients often do so with money supplied by drug
	companies, including the makers of A.D.H.D.
	stimulants. Medical researchers paid by drug
	companies have published studies on the benefits of
	the drugs, and medical journals in a position to
	question their findings profit greatly from
	advertising of A.D.H.D. drugs.'
	New York Times
	December 19, 2013
Toon of the Day

	M. Wuerker - Politico
Quote of the Day
'Despite the subsequent decision of the Group of 20
	in 2009 on the need for rules to supervise what is
	now a globally integrated financial system, world
	leaders have spent the last five years in retreat,
	resorting to unilateral actions that have made a
	mockery of global coordination. Already, we have
	forgotten the basic lesson of the crash: Global
	problems need global solutions. And because we
	failed to learn from the last crisis, the world's
	bankers are carrying us toward the next one.'
Gordon Brown, a Labour member of the British
	Parliament, is a former chancellor of the
	Exchequer and prime minister
New York Times
	December 20, 2013
Toon of the Day

	Equal at School
	Signe Wilkinson
Quote of the Day
'Arthur C. Brooks deserves credit for pointing out
	that we now know a lot about what makes people
	happy. Unfortunately, when Mr. Brooks says that
	about 40 percent of happiness stems from things
	that happen to us in life, both the peaks and the
	troughs, he greatly overestimates their importance.
	What is quite important is how we interpret or
	construe the things that happen to us.
'Second, Mr. Brooks's embrace of the free market as
	the best tool we have for promoting happiness is off
	the mark. He identifies faith, family, friendship and
	work as key determinants of happiness, much more
	important than wealth, as long as people are above
	subsistence. So let us ask just how the market
	contributes to faith, family, friendship and work.
'On faith, the real "war on Christmas" is not the
	prohibition of religious icons and acts in the public
	square; it is the turning of almost all religious
	occasions into unbroken opportunities to shop.
	Score one strike against the market.
'Second, family and friendships suffer amid long
	work hours, low wages and inadequate child care.
	Strike two against the market.
'Finally, the joy of work comes largely from its
	meaning, not from its bottom line. So when people
	in all walks of life are under tremendous pressure to
	be more productive and efficient, the joy of work is
	threatened. That is strike three.
'So yes, by all means, let us foster the aspects of life
	that really contribute to happiness. But let us at the
	same time acknowledge that market
	fundamentalism is probably the biggest threat to
	human happiness that we face.'
Letter To the Editor: Re "A Formula for Happiness"
	New York Times Sunday Review, Dec. 15
Barry Schwartz, professor of psychology at
	Swarthmore College and the author of "The Paradox
	of Choice."
Toon of the Day

	Merry Compromise
Rob Rogers




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