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Quote of the Day
October 7, 2012

' There is one important number in the report that
barely budged from previous months. The share of
jobless workers out of work for six months or more
remained extremely high, at 40 percent, or 4.8
million people, of which more than half had been
out of work for more than year. And finding a job
remains difficult: in July, the latest month for which
data on job openings was available, nearly 13
million jobless workers were competing for 3.7
million openings.

'Long-term joblessness is largely a measure of the
depth of employment loss during the recession from
the end of 2007 to mid-2009. Its persistence means
that a top priority now is to extend federal jobless
benefits, which kick in when state unemployment
insurance benefits run out, generally after 26

New York Times
October 7, 2012

Toon of the Day
Randy Bish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


Quote of the Day
October 8, 2012

'To win the 2012 elections, progressives must
immediately wage court fights, organize election
monitoring and, above all, get every eligible voter
registered and to the polls. But once the race of the
moment is run, a new generation of voting rights
activists must again bend the arc of history toward
justice by finally and firmly guaranteeing that every
American has the right to vote.'

The Nation
October 15, 2012

Toon of the Day
You Decide
Jeff Danziger


Quote of the Day
October 9, 2012

'Hopefully, Vice President Biden will be blunter in
calling out Paul Ryan in  Thursday's vice
presidential debate. The House Budget Committee,
whose allegiance to Wall Street speculators
threatens the retirement security of Americans over
age 65 and, especially, of Americans who are headed
toward retirement, has outlined a strategy for the
eventual privatization of Social Security. Biden
could simply quote the National Committee to
Preserve Social Security and Medicare, which says
that for " the GOP Romney/Ryan Presidential ticket,
Social Security is seen as little more than a budget
target. They intend to use it to fund tax cuts for the
wealthiest Americans and allow Wall Street to
access American workers' Social Security funds".'

John Nichols Washington correspondent
for the Nation and the associate editor
of the Madison, Wis. Capital Times

The Nation
October 8, 2012

Toon of the Day
Campaign 1912
David Horsey - Los Angeles Times


Quote of the Day
October 10, 2012

'The transformation of Latin America is one of the
decisive changes reshaping the global order. The
tide of progressive change that has swept the region
over the last decade has brought a string of elected
socialist and social-democratic governments to
office that have redistributed wealth and power,
rejected western neoliberal orthodoxy, and
challenged imperial domination. In the process they
have started to build the first truly independent
South America for 500 years and demonstrated to
the rest of the world that there are, after all,
economic and social alternatives in the 21st

Columnist Seumas Milne
The Guardian (UK)
October 10, 2012

Toon of the Day
Ryan & the Poor
Martin Kozlowski


Quote of the Day
October 11, 2012

''Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, visiting
Athens this week at the invitation of Prime Minister
Antonis Samaras, got a chance to see the suffering
and anger of Greeks firsthand, brought about by
budget policies imposed in exchange for a European
Union bailout in the debt crisis. She acknowledged
the sacrifices Greeks have already made, yet she
insisted that only more austerity can lead to better
days. She could not be more wrong. '

New York Times
October 11, 2012

Toon of the Day
New Pig in Town
Martyn Turner - The Irish Times


Quote of the Day
October 12, 2012

'I know that banker bashing can be off-putting in a
media world practiced in dismissing all-too-accurate
references to the extreme disparity of rewards to the
richest as an expression of the irrationality of class
warfare. But how else to describe the pique of an
industry that feels oppressed by the Obama
presidency despite an average annual wage of
$362,950, which in 2011 increased by a not
inconsiderable 16.6 percent over the previous two
years. (That's the average for securities industry
employees, not to be confused with the $12 million
eked out by Goldman CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein last
year, down from the $68.5 million he got in 2007
when Goldman was happily constructing toxic
security bundles.)

'Those figures on the overall rise in Wall Street pay,
released this week by the New York State
comptroller, offer a stark reminder that under the
policy of bailing out the banks, initiated by Bush
but embraced by Obama, class warfare has been
waged effectively not by the unemployed and
foreclosed. It rather has been carried out by the
bankers who caused the economic meltdown and
who now are ticked off that Obama has not
completely rolled over.'

Commetator Robert Scheer
October 12, 2012

Toon of the Day
Rob Tornoe - The Philadelphia Inquirer


Quote of the Day
October 13, 2012

'CHOMSKY: That is part of the Oslo agreement. The
Oslo agreement stipulates explicitly that the West
Bank and Gaza strip are a single territory. Ever
since they signed the Oslo agreement, the United
States and Israel have been dedicated to
undermining them. The U.S. can violate law freely
but it is never reported. Everybody else is too weak
to do anything about it. The U.S. is just a rogue

'LEZAMA: What should people in the U.S. be doing
in response?

'CHOMSKY: They should be breaking through the
media and general doctrinal barriers to come to
know what is going on. They should be helping
people learn about this. I don't have any secret
sources of information. Everything I have said is
public knowledge, but it is not known by anyone.
The problem is self-censorship; the media just don't
report anything about it, and rarely do. There is just
a tremendous amount of propaganda and
indoctrination so people dont know what is going
on. This is not the only case, but it is an important
one. Everything I have just mentioned is straight on
the public record. What activists ought to be doing
is place this in the public's attention.'

An Interview With Noam Chomsky
by Ricardo Lezama
Sabbah Report
September 28, 2012

Toon of the Day
Performance Enhancing
John Cole - The Times-Tribune


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