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Quote of the Day
May 20, 2012

"Where the world financial crisis has brought about the
loss of millions of jobs, socialized private debt
burdens and now risks causing significant human rights
regressions through wide-ranging austerity packages, a
financial transaction tax (FTT) is a pragmatic tool for
providing the means for governments to protect and
fulfil the human rights of their people.'

Magdalena Sepulveda, United Nations
special rapporteur on extreme poverty
and human rights
Merco Press (Uruguay)
May 18, 2012

Toon of the Day
Banker Boy
Mike Luckovich


Quote of the Day
May 21, 2012

'...American income inequality has skyrocketed,
growing worse than it is in countries like Pakistan and
Ivory Coast. Wealth inequality is worse than it was
even in Ancient Rome. And, as pay skyrockets and tax
rates fall for the richest Americans, the rising
inequality has left the bottom 95 percent of Americans
saddled with more debt than ever before.'

Travis Waldron
Think Progress
May 3, 2012

Toon of the day
Jeff Danziger


Quote of the Day
May 22, 2012

'The Strategic Partnership Agreement between the U.S.
and Afghanistan commits us to the country for at least
another decade, despite public support for the war
being at an all-time low. The United States will pay
for half of the estimated $4.1 billion per year cost of
supporting 352,000 Afghan army and police officers.
Afghanistan's contribution will be $500,000. The rest
will be financed by our 'NATO partners.' It is not
surprising that support for the war among NATO members
is waning, with France threatening to pull out its
troops by the end of this year.

'Our participation in NATO comes at a great financial
cost to the U.S. We contribute the majority of funds
for NATO's common budget, including 25% of the military
budget. Between fiscal years 2010 and 2012 alone, we
contributed more than $1.3 billion to NATO's military
budget. We also incur significant costs through the
deployment of our forces in support of NATO missions.
According to The Atlantic, the war in Libya cost the
United States $1.1 billion.'

Re. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio)
Reader Supported News
May 22,2012

Toon of the Day
Majestic Mountain
Jim Morin - Miami Herald


Quote of the Day
May 23, 2012

'This is not how it was supposed to go. The long-
awaited debut was supposed to be the fairytale ending
(or beginning) to the great growth story of the modern
era. Instead, it has become just one big mess that's
not only an embarrassment to all parties involved, but
a huge distraction to business when it is supposed to
be focusing on ways to grow its revenue.

'What a mess.'

Matt Nesto
Correspondent at Yahoo! Finance
On Facebook IPO
May 23, 2012

Toon of the Day
Social Media
Hajo de Reijer - NRC Handelsblad (The Netherlands)


Quote of the Day
May 24, 2012

'If the small parties wind up entering the government,
they shall have to tell the Greek people how they're
going to govern. They won't be in agreement with the
popular will, as expressed on May 6. In fact, the
problem isn't how to form a government but whether or
not to follow the policies of the memorandum, which has
been condemned by the Greek people. Even were they to
manage to form a government in extremis, it would not
work for very long if it based on that policy.

'...In the context of new legislative elections on June
17, Syriza is forming a united parliamentary team. To
be sure not to be robbed of the 50-seat bonus (granted
to the party that leads in the elections - editor's
note), we plan to change our statutes, which we shall
file with the Supreme Court. We fundamentally do not
agree with this bonus that is granted to the leading
party when parliamentary seats are apportioned. As a
consequence, if we come to power, we shall put in place
what the left has been demanding for a long time:
complete proportionality,

'...Since May 6, Syriza has completely changed from the
party it used to be [1]. Today, it no longer is a force
representing a small portion of the left - it is a
living movement in Greek society. It doesn't express
just the hope of people on the left, but also that of
an entire people which wants this policy to stop, and
that democracy and social justice be present in Greece.
So it's a new coalition that's forming, that of the
people. This analysis forces us to reconstruct
ourselves as one party of the people, which will be
popular, democratic, united and open. In reality, it's
the 1.6 million people who voted for Syriza who have
done this.'

Alexis Tsipras

'Syriza, Hope of an Entire People'

An interview with Alexis Tsipras,
president of the Syriza coalition

l'Humanite (France)
May 23, 2012

Toon of the Day
Poisonous Apple
Petar Pismestrovic -  Kleine Zeitung, Austria


Quote of the Day
May 25, 2012

'In the last two decades, the economy seems to have
created many openings for people whose primary skill is
lifting money out of other people's pockets, not in
doing anything productive. Wall Street is the center of
such practices.'

Economist Dean Baker
Guardian (UK)
May 22, 2012

Toon of the Day
Capitalism in Space
Steve Greenberg


Quote of the Day
May 26, 2012

'Sooner or later, people are going to clue into the
fact that one or two big banks, acting in concert with
a choice assortment of unscrupulous "preferred
investors," can at least temporarily prop up or topple
just about anything they want, from Greece to Bear
Stearns to Lehman Brothers. And if you can move markets
and bet on them at the same time, it's impossible to
not make tons of money, which incidentally is made at
everyone else's expense. So we should always be on the
lookout for any evidence that that sort of coordinated,
non-disclosed activity is taking place.

'This Facebook thing is a perfect example. It's like
that scene in Brain Candy where the evil pharma CEO Don
Roritor takes his star scientist, Chris, on a walk in
the middle of a party at his house: after they walk
around Don's rocking indoor pool, they open a set of
doors and there's a completely different party going on

'"What's this?" Chris asks. "Oh, this is the real
party," says Roritor.'

Matt Taibbi
Rolling Stone
Via Reader Supported News
May 24, 2012

Toon of the Day
The Latest News
David Horsey - Los Angeles Times


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