Tidbits & Announcements - February 19, 2012

* Boycott Divestment Sanctions vs. Israeli Apartheid:
  The Legacy of Mandela and King - Chicago - Feb. 26

* Re: The Senate and Grammys Condone Domestic Abuse
  (Isabel Thompson, Germaine Cook)

* Re: The African World  An Apology Ceremony That We
  Need to Publicize (R.Clarke, Arnoldo Garcia)

* Re: Shame On Europe For Betraying Greece (Judith
  Ackerman, Martha Rosler)


* Boycott Divestment Sanctions vs. Israeli Apartheid:
The Legacy of Mandela and King - Chicago - Feb. 26

A talk with Omar Barghouti

Featuring a panel discussion with

- Lynette Jackson, Professor of African History and
Gender and Women's Studies

- Prexy Nesbitt, Making the Road, South Africa - US

- Toussaint Losier, Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign

- Lah Tere, Inner-City Queen Productions

February 26, 3:00pm

Experimental Station 6100 South Blackstone Avenue
Chicago, IL

International boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS)
efforts helped topple South Africa's brutal apartheid
regime. As awareness of the systemic use of apartheid by
Israel continues to grow, Omar Barghouti presents a
renewed call to action. In his new book, Boycott,
Divestment, Sanctions: The Global Struggle for
Palestinian Rights, Omar Barghouti makes the case for a
rights-based BDS campaign to stop Israel's rapacious
occupation, colonization, and apartheid against the
Palestinian people. Since the time of W.E.B. Dubois,
Fannie Lou Hamer, Ella Baker, and Paul Robeson, Black
Freedom Struggle activists and scholars have been linked
and in solidarity with international struggles,
especially the anti-apartheid movement of South Africa.
Join us as we commemorate Black history month and
discuss the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson
Mandela in the context of solidarity with the
Palestinian people for a global civil society movement
for freedom, justice, and equality for all.

Omar Barghouti is an independent commentator and human
rights activist based in Ramallah. He is a founding
member of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and
Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) and the Palestinian
Civil Society BDS campaign against Israel.





* Re: The Senate and Grammys Condone Domestic Abuse

Is it not shocking that there is a need for the
'Violence Against Women Act' law? And yes it is
incredibly shocking that being there is a need for such
a law, it is not backed.

How many TV shows can you name that do not show violence
toward women?  Whether a female cop being beaten,
kicked, throwing in her own kicks; by a man, or Joe
public hitting a woman, especially if a prostitute?

We are a society that is built on violence.  This is why
we have young women going on dates and getting beaten.
And why we hear about the young women who say  'let
Chris Brown beat me'. I would not venture to comment on
Chris Brown, or what happened. Whether he constantly
beats women, or not.  Not sure why Chris Brown was
chosen, and his outbursts, as he is not alone in having
struck a woman and being a 'celebrity'.

For years we have seen mediocre performances with not
only mediocre, but verging on porn, dancing and
gyrating, whether on video, grammys anywhere, and the
'celebrity' audience rising to give a standing ovation!

Did you see Rihanna writhing around on the floor? Did
you see the inadequate talent from others?  Boosting it
with 'dance'

We are unfortunately in a time period where being on TV
gives you the celebrity title.  Being in a lousy movie
or sitcom makes you a star. Or being a housewife with a
foul mouth.

If you are the Police Commissioner's son, somehow the
accusations against you are dropped.

So I wonder why any of us are surprised when our young
people act the same way.

Women and girls are the first to be raped in war; girls
are being sold into the slave trafficking.  How many
truly speak up on this?  And who is benefiting?

I wish I was surprised at Hefner's son, Kelly's son, and
all the other son's of known people not being arrested,
charged, imprisoned.  At there not being a major outcry
of what are we doing??

Isabel Thompson


I couldn't read this whole story, it was just to
disgusting to hear about. Can someone start a real news
agency?  One without a slant or who isn't bought and
paid for?

Germaine Cook


In the space of a few paragraphs the number deported
rises from 400,000 to two million. Some
clarification/documentation here please?

R.Clarke, Chicago


Bill Fletcher's commentary is well received. Except it
misses the reality that hundreds of thousands of
Mexicans, Central Americans, Arabs, Africans & other
nationalities have been deported every year since the
Bush II regime took power and continue being deported
under the Obama Administration. Where's the apology for
these deportations that have ripped apart families and
destabilized our communities?

Since Obama took office the deportation numbers have
held steady. Some 400,000 persons are being deported
every year. The National Network for Immigrant and
Refugee Rights ( www.nnirr.org) has closely documented
the rise of the "immigration policing regime," which has
expanded and consolidated under Obama in the core of the
Dept of Homeland Security. The DHS has built a veritable
gulag archipelago of public and private prisons to
exclusively jail persons accused of being undocumented,
holding some half a million persons awaiting deportation
annually. Right now 75% of all Latinos in federal
prisons are "guilty" of being "illegals."

So, yes a apology may be in order for the 1930s
deportations. Yet the crimes of the 1930s pale in
comparison to the massive criminalization and
incarceration now afoot. The apology would be more
sincere if the Obama regime would begin rolling back the
anti-immigrant repression and include reparations -- not
just apologies & a plaque being accepted by some who
have colluded with the repressive regime now in place --
for the 1930s and the 2012 unconstitutional violations
of the rights of our communities.

Peace, Arnoldo Garcia


* Re: Shame On Europe For Betraying Greece

Thanks for this. The world turned its back the same way
when hitler was doing genocide, letting folks die. What
can we do to make the eu move in a humane direction?

Judith Ackerman


asume you meant to insert guardian, not Independent?

Martha Rosler



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