Corporate 'Education Reform': A Moment of National Insanity

By Diane Ravitch
Education Week
March 1, 2011

I'm beginning to think we are living in a moment of national
insanity. On the one hand, we hear pious exhortations about
education reform, endlessly uttered by our leaders in high
political office, corporate suites, foundations, and the
media. President Obama says we have to "out-educate" the rest
of the world to "win the future."

Yet the reality on the ground suggests that the corporate
reform movement-embraced by so many of those same leaders,
including the president-will set American education back, by
how many years or decades is anyone's guess. Sometimes I
think we are hurtling back a century or more, to the age of
the Robber Barons and the great corporate trusts.

Consider a few events of the past week:

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