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Gosse, Builder Levy, David McReynolds, Martin Morand

Kudos! I am always happy to see Portside materials in
my in- box. The articles offer a lot of opinions and
factual data about stuff that might otherwise fall
through the cracks of information overload. I'd like
more stuff on feminist debates, the battle to maintain
reproductive rights, and LGBTQ struggles both in the US
and internationally, but overall, I am grateful
Portside exists. Mil gracias!

Eleanor Bader
Professor and writer (Lilith, Library Journal, The
Progressive, The Public Eye, The NY Law Journal, The
Indypendent and Z)


As someone who follows Portside's posts regularly,
whose own writings have been reposted, and who has
occasionally responded to Portside messages, I believe
that it serves as perhaps the most eclectic of
listservs that share a leftist perspective on
contemporary issues. Rather than adopting the policies
or line of any of the many small leftist sects and
organizations, its moderators harvest reports, surveys,
op- eds, videos, and cartoons from a wide spectrum of
sources including mainstream media when the latter
features opinions and graphics that diverge from the
conventional wisdom. The moderators also accept
responses from listserv participants whatever their
viewpoints or political positions, thus encouraging
broad and often heated debate. For anyone interested in
obtaining the widest spectrum of information and
opinion from a leftist perspective on global issues,
war and peace, popular movements, worker actions and
labor movements, and even quotidian political
happenings around the world, Portside serves as a
vehicle of preferred choice.

Mel Dubofsky
Author, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History &
Sociology, Binghamton University, State University of
New York


What I value about Portside is its extraordinary
reach--not just the best of the world's press, but
reports and commentary from sources I would not even
know about without their assiduous digging.  Add to
that its rigorous nonsectarianism and internationalism,
and the absence of opinion-mongering (this is not a
blog!), and it shows how in the internet age we can
still pay attention, and get beyond a "New York TImes"
view of the world, to genuinely pluralist left

Van Gosse
Author of Where the Boys Are: Cuba, Cold War America,
and the Making of a New Left, The Movements of the New
Left 1950-1975; associate professor of history at
Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA


I am and have been a photographer/artist involved in
what is going on in the real world for almost a half a
century. Understanding the social, political, economic
and cultural events and struggles of our times has
helped me sharpen my own focus when I am making
pictures.  So after viewing the limited and usually
biased  TV news  and news pundits, and reading all the
news The New York Times sees fit to print, It is
refreshing and inspiring to look at Portside, where I
so often find articles that enrich and deepen my
understanding of the world in which we live.  Portside
gives hope for the creation of a better world!

Builder Levy
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow


I'm very impressed with Portside and frequently send on
material from it to other contacts in the peace and/or
socialist movements.

I think you give a "reasoned" left position, one that
is helpful precisely because it isn't shouting, and
doesn't rely on out dated cliches.

The cartoons are excellent and I almost always send
them on to my own joke list.

Only the fact I've been out of town, and that my
computer broke down and left me further behind,
prevented me from getting back to you sooner.


David McReynolds
Peace activist, active for many years with the War
Resisters League; former Socialist Party Presidential


I am an enthusiastic recipient of Portside Labor News.
Stuff I do NOT see elsewhere.  Never overwhelming,
always to the point.

Martin Morand
Labor educator, author and Professor Emeritus of
Industrial and Labor Relations, Indiana University of


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