Friday Night Videos

1 We Are America: Immigrant Stories
2 ACORN May Get the Last Laugh
3 What If the Tea Party Was Black?
4 1000 Gather for Peace in Oakland After Mehserle Verdict
5 What Could the Government Do to Jumpstart Green Energy?


We Are America: Immigrant Stories

We Are America raises the voice of immigrants in the
dialogue around our country's broken immigration
system. We provide a story bank of video, audio,
photographic and text stories about real people and
what they have at stake as new immigrants to the United


ACORN May Get the Last Laugh

Rachel Maddow reports on a lawsuit filed by a former
ACORN employee who was slandered by James O'Keefe and
his Fox News cheerleaders.
July 12, 2010


What If the Tea Party Was Black?

jasirix -- A few months ago, Tim Wise wrote a widely
circulated article called, "Imagine if the Tea Party
Was Black " which challenged America to take a close
look at the hypocrisy of the Right Wing. Now, a
Pittsburgh rapper is accepting his challenge in true
Hip Hop form. Jasiri X has released a video called
"What if the Tea Party was Black." The Hip Hop artist
says that he got the idea when Paradise,a member of the
pro-black rap group X-Clan, forwarded him a copy of
Wise's article. "I saw the article and I liked the
concept," says the rapper. So Jasiri hit the studio
with producer Cynik Lethal while Paradise grabbed his
video camera and they went on their mission to defeat
the Right Wing propaganda machine.
July 14, 2010


1000 Gather for Peace in Oakland After Mehserle Verdict

This is what the nation did not see on the evening
news: a peaceful gathering of nearly 1000 people in
downtown Oakland on July 8, 2010, following the
involuntary manslaughter verdict of BART police officer
Johannes Mehserle in the shooting death of Oscar Grant.

Executive Producer: Patrice O'Neill
Producer: Adrienne Calo
Camera: Anthony Lucero and Adam Christy
Music courtesy: Turf Unity Music Project
Special thanks to: Youth Radio reporter Pendarvis Harshaw. 
Learn more about Youth Radio at
July 9, 2010


What Could the Government Do to Jumpstart Green Energy?

If the United States government is the largest energy
consumer in the world, asks Nation contributing editor
Christian Parenti, why doesn't it use its massive
buying power to support real green, clean energy
technologies - instead of subsidizing the catastrophic
failures of oil giants like BP?

Parenti joins The Nation on Grit TV in studio to point
out that if the US post office switched to electric
cars, that subsidy alone would bring down the price of
sustainable transportation and create infrastructure
for the rest of the country. He also talks Bill Gates,
more green technologies and the war in Afghanistan.
July 6, 2010


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