December 2011, Week 3


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REWIND - A Week of Quotes & Cartoons


Quote of the Day
December 11, 2011

'If he, as president, were to decide that the federal
courts had been wrong in applying the Constitution in
cases about, say, religious liberty, "legislation would
remove the power of the courts to hear" them. If the
president and Congress were to decide that rulings of
specific federal judges were unconstitutional, they
could flout the Constitution's guarantee of judicial
independence and impeach the judges. Or if they lacked
the votes to impeach, they could abolish the judges'
seats. Mr. Gingrich is already naming names to stir his

'Mr. [Newt] Gingrich also would drag judges before
Congress "to explain their constitutional reasoning" in
some decisions "and to hear a proper Congressional
constitutional interpretation." Or he would simply
ignore court decisions. His ideas would replace the
rule of law with a reign of ideology. If he had his
way, a Supreme Court that ordered an end to racist
segregation policies would become a puppet of the
political branches.'

New York Times
December 11, 2011

Toon of the Day
Missing Money
Tony Auth


Quote of the Day
December 12, 2011

'If someone has a gun and is shooting it repeatedly at
another person, we might infer that the shooter wants
to kill this person. In this vein, how could it never
occur to analysts that the purpose of Chancellor Merkel
and the ECB's* policy of austerity across Europe is to
permanently weaken the power of labor across the

Economist Dean Baker
Beat the Press
December 11, 2011


* European Central Bank

Toon of the Day
Just in Times
Nate Beeler


Quote of the Day
December 13, 2011

'But the thought leaders on talk radio and Fox do more
than shape opinion. Backed by their own wing of the
book-publishing industry and supported by think tanks
that increasingly function as public-relations
agencies, conservatives have built a whole alternative
knowledge system, with its own facts, its own history,
its own laws of economics. Outside this alternative
reality, the United States is a country dominated by a
strong Christian religiosity. Within it, Christians are
a persecuted minority. Outside the system, President
Obama-whatever his policy - errors-is a figure of
imposing intellect and dignity. Within the system, he's
a pitiful nothing, unable to speak without a
teleprompter, an affirmative-action -phony doomed to
inevitable defeat. Outside the system, social
scientists worry that the U.S. is hardening into one of
the most rigid class societies in the Western world, in
which the children of the poor have less chance of
escape than in France, Germany, or even England. Inside
the system, the U.S. remains (to borrow the words of
Senator Marco Rubio) "the only place in the world where
it doesn't matter who your parents were or where you
came from."'

Republican strategist
David Frum
New York magazine
November 20, 2011

Toon of the Day
Invented People
Tom Toles - Washington Post


Quote of the Day
December 14, 2011

'I'm very scared. I'm doing everything except for going
out there and actually physically protesting. And I
think I'm gonna get to that point.'

Dawn Deane, 49, of Philadelphia,
mother of a nine-year old, who
was laid off in June and fears
her home will be foreclosed
upon should she lose unemployment
benefit - as will nearly 1.8
million workers at the end of
the year unless Congress extends
the provision.

Zachary Roth | The Lookout
Yahoo News
December 14, 2011

Toon of the Day
Democracy Elevator


Quote of the Day
December 15, 2011

'On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney
claimed "the most recent changes give the president
additional discretion in determining how the law will
be implemented, consistent with our values and the rule
of law, which are at the heart of our country's

'What rubbish, coming from a president who taught
constitutional law. The point is not to hock our civil
liberty to the discretion of the president, but rather
to guarantee our freedoms even if a Dick Cheney or Newt
Gingrich should attain the highest office.'

Columnist Robert Scheer
December 15, 2011

Toon of the Day
New Polling Place
Parker - Florida Today


Quote of the Day
December  16, 2011

'President Obama, who first ran for office campaigning
against the war, has never wavered on his promise to
bring the troops home. The last few thousand will be
out of Iraq by year's end. We celebrate their return.
But this country must never forget the intolerable
costs of a war started on arrogance and lies. '

New York Times
December 16, 2011

Toon of the Day
Beer & Bump
Stuart Carlsom


Quote of the Day
December 17, 2011

'The one percent of the one percent would only fill up
two-thirds of the seats at the Nationals Park, but they
contributed 24.3 percent of the total campaign
donations from individuals to politicians, parties,
PACs, and independent expenditure groups in the 2010
election cycle. According to a new study by the
Sunlight Foundation, these 26,783 individuals-71
percent of which are executives, lawyers, or
lobbyists-contributed $774 million to federal political
campaigns in 2010. That's $28,913 each-more than the
median individual income in America by $2,549. This
data makes the arguments raised by the Occupy movement
all the more compelling. The one percent not only hold
the reins on our economy, a small fraction of them have
immense power over the political process. Congress has
yet to pass campaign-finance reform laws in which
solutions outweigh loopholes. And unfortunately,
effective reform may remain a pipe dream if these
donations keep rolling in.'

The Balance Sheet
December 14, 2011

Toon of the Day
Iraq War Ends
Jeff Danziger


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