January 2012, Week 4


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Sat, 28 Jan 2012 16:08:29 -0500
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January 28, 2012

-  Thanks for the Wisconsin coverage (Cindy Johnson)

-  Re: Red Tails in the Sunset (Vernon Foster, Alicia

-  Re: The State of the Union and the GOP
Response - Carl Davidson and Laura Flanders (Karyne)

-  Scholarship applications for student activists
available - Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

-  Re: Diego Rivera at MoMA (Merle Ratner, Michael Munk)

-  video - Work Connects Us All


-  Thanks for the Wisconsin coverage

Thanks for covering us here in Wisconsin! Just got back
from our celebration in Madison at the Monona Terrace.
It rocked! Not only did we kick Walker's butt, but also
Scott Fitzgerald (part of what we call "Fitzwalkerstan"
- we needed over 16,000 signatures but we got over
20,000!! Without the support or permission of the
Democratic Party or any other group. It was started by
Lori Compas - a young gal - out of her home - totally
grassroots by the people. We got over 140% in our
little town so we helped out in her district. It felt
dam good tonight! The place was packed and they had to
open up more room dividers and still people were in the
hall ways. Lots of unions there. My husband is IBEW and
I'm IWW and I'm an x-librarian who reads lots of union
and labor history. We've also been involved on a daily
basis at the capitol since last February. And we're
just getting warmed up!

So thanks for covering us and thanks for the quality of
content in your news emails. I especially like hearing
about the Longshoreman - they came to Madison last
winter in solidarity in their performing uniforms. Very

Take care,

Cindy Johnson from Wisconsin


-  Re: Red Tails in the Sunset

I was forward your article.  I found the article
informative and interesting all thought I did not agree
with some of its conclusions.  Please click link below
for a clip of an Black American in WW2.-



Vernon Foster

- Our client has provide 5 Vision Productions written
permission to share this clip.


THANK YOU - for your commentary.  Like many other Black
professionals, I told all my friends and colleagues to
support the film (obviously in advance of opening
weekend) I was so incensed by the film (for all the
reasons that you cite and others, like the opening
credits which appeared to have been created in Word)
that I ultimately walked out, stunned and hurt.
Given that we wrote and produced the film what is our
best channel of recourse?  Thank you for creating one
avenue of redress.

Best - A

Alicia Tilque, Esq. Business Affairs ROYCE
Entertainment Group, LLC


-  Re: The State of the Union and the GOP Response -
Carl Davidson and Laura Flanders

Strong support of all things military buys the NASCAR
vote. I winced too. Putting military bookends around a
speech guarantees applause. I am an Obama supporter but
not on every issue. Like indefinite detention. That's
huge! It needs to be addressed.

Karyne D.


-  Scholarship applications for student activists


Are you organizing for progressive social change?
Leading student movements on your campus or in your
community?  If so, read on.

The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund has applications
available for student activists who are building
progressive movements for social change and will be
enrolled in school during the 2012-13 academic year.
Our website provides answers to questions about the
Fund, the application process, and the students we
support.  If you know of students working for peace and
justice, or if you have a list of activist contacts,
please send this announcement along and refer potential
applicants to the Fund's website: www.davisputter.org.

Since 1961 the Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund has
provided need-based grants to students who are involved
in building movements for social and economic justice
and are able to do academic work at the college level.
Grantees are both graduates and undergraduates enrolled
in accredited schools for the period covered by their
grant.  Although citizenship is not a consideration,
applicants must be participating in activities in the
US and plan to enroll in an accredited program in the
US in order to qualify.

The maximum grant is $10,000 and may be considerably
smaller depending on the applicant's circumstances and
the funding available.  All the funds come from
individual donors and there are 25-30 grants awarded
each year.  Grants are for one year although students
may re-apply for subsequent years.

Applications and the supporting documents --
transcripts, a personal statement, two letters of
recommendation, a photograph, financial aid reports --
must be postmarked by April 1, 2012.  Those selected to
receive a grant will be notified in July.

In solidarity,

Carol J. Kraemer Director Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund


-  Re: Diego Rivera at MoMA

Sounds like a great show! But it's $25 a ticket
(required; not a suggested donation) which is steep for
many of us. Maybe we should occupy the MOMA...?

Merle Ratner

[Moderator's Note: We agree that $25.00 for ticket,
slightly lower for students and seniors is outrageous.
On Fridays, from 4:00 - 8:00, MoMA is free. Yes, FREE.]


I PAINT WHAT I SEE A Ballad of Artistic Integrity by E.
B. White


Diego Rivera's Ill-fated Rockefeller Center Mural

"What do you paint when you paint a wall?"

Said John D.'s grandson Nelson.

"Do you paint just anything there at all?

"Will there be any doves or a tree in fall?

"Or a hunting scene like an English hall?"

"I paint what I see," said Rivera.

"What are the colors you use when you paint?"

Said John D.'s grandson, Nelson.

"Do you use any red in the beard of a saint?

"If you do is it terribly red, or faint?

"Do you use any blue? Is it Prussian?"

"I paint what I paint," said Rivera.

"Whose is that head I see on my wall?"

Said John D.'s grandson Nelson.

"Is it anyone's head whom we know, at all?

"A Rensselaer, or a Saltonstall?

"Is it Franklin D.? Is it Mordaunt Hall?

"Or is it the head of a Russian?"

"I paint what I think," said Rivera.

"I paint what I paint, I paint what I see,

"I paint what I think," said Rivera,

"And the thing that is dearest in life to me

"In a bourgeois hall is Ingegrity;


"I'll take out a couple of people drinkin'

"And put in a picture of Abraham Lincoln,

"I could even give you McCormick's reaper

"And still not make my art much cheaper.

"But the head of Lenin has got to stay

"Or my friends will give me the bird today

"The bird, the bird, forever."

"It's not good taste in a man like me,"

Said John D.'s grandson Nelson,

"To question an artist's integrity

"Or mention a practical thing like a fee,

"But I know what I like to a large degree

"Though art I hate to hamper;

"For twenty-one thousand conservative bucks

"You painted a radical. I say shucks,

"I never could rent the offices.

"For this, as you know, is a public hall

"And people want doves or a tree in fall,

"And though your art I dislike to hamper,

"I owe a little to God and Gramper,

"And after all,

"It's my wall...."

"We'll see if it is," said Rivera.

[First published in The New Yorker, May 20, 1933 during
the controversy over Diego Rivera's mural in
Rockefeller Center which was destroyed the following
year on February 9, 1934.]

visit the new photo gallery on my website


 -  video - Work Connects Us All

 Work Connects Us All http://youtu.be/S3E-FnSG2jY


 Uploaded by AFLCIONow on Jan 17, 2012

 Work built this country and will build it again. Work
 binds us together.

 Do you want to know how your work connects you to
 other people? Then visit www.WorkConnectsUsAll.org and
 you will see how workers are united throughout their


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