October 2011, Week 3


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Tidbits & Reader Response

October 15, 2011

-  Video - Occupy Wall Street Anthem | "Finally Here" by
   The Roaring FT. Ari Herstand

-  Video - Liberate Wall Street "At Last"
   Lincoln Bergman

-  Re: Where Are They Now?: 7 Protest Songs With Legs (Karen
   Lee Wald, Greg Herman)

-  Nurses Union to Set Up First Aid Station for Occupy Wall

-  Re: What Occupy Wall Street can do for Barack Obama (Laura

-  Re: New Zealand's Worst Maritime Disaster: Yet Another Oil
   Spill (Harvey)

-  Re: Is Iran's Alleged Cash-for-Assassinations Plot Too
   (Shirley, Meredith Tax)

-  Ron Paul to Meet with Ultraright French Leader (AFP -
   Agence France-Presse)

-  Must Read - Elizabeth Warren - The woman who knew too much
   (James Williams)

-  Bill Friedman - Presente!


Occupy Wall Street Anthem | "Finally Here" by The
Roaring FT. Ari Herstand

Uploaded by behearnowstudios on Oct 5, 2011

Expect us. Download the song:

Occupy Wall Street Anthem | "Finally Here" by The
Roaring featuring Ari Herstand

Pay-what-you-want download:

- Half the proceeds go to the OccupyWallStreet.org Fund
(www.wepay.com/donate/ows), the other half go to the
starving artists behind this project.- Ari Herstand:
http://ariherstand.com http://youtube.com/ariherstand
Recorded at Be Hear Now Studios in Los Angeles


Dear Washington and Wall Street,
We are the 99% and we're here to stop the machine.

Why is that we only come through in times of crisis
Can't recognize the need while we stare at our devices
See, I got the graph and I got the stats
And I got the need to keep people from the rats
More than simply a game of motivation
The idea that together we're better then evolution
Not me against you
But really an us
See, The world is our oyster
Only we can destruct
Democracy seems really cool
The idea that we give voice, even to the fool
But see that's the problem
With our system of learning
The fantastic drips down
And infects the yearning
Are we meant to play the game on even ground
Or is that the fairytale that makes the merry-go-round
Used to be tribes
Then the nation state drew borders
Every revolution comes from disrespecting orders
But I got hope
And I believe in peace
In Korea, South Asia and the Middle East

Cause the youth, yeah, we're finally here
Got a future full of love
Love without fear
Cause the youth, yeah, we're finally here
Got stand up, be proud, hold each other near

He said good morning could you raise your right hand
Step into the jurors box and take a stand
On trial are the quiet dreams of our fathers
See those dreams draw lines between us and others

Built our corporate present on them dotted lines
It's those strange shapes that seem to plague the mind
Mine and yours
An equation outdated
The prosecution suggests it be recalibrated

My patriotic dream is recast as struggle
We the people be building out of this rubble

How many more rotations about the sun
Before my brothers in arms will lay down their guns
"We the people" is beyond a battle cry
A Formula for peace and progress in our time

The current manifesto manifests too small
Promise of living is dwarfed by the wall
My aim is not guilt nor material goods
My sights on inspiration cross all latitudes
My declaration declares one thing
Creation exists in each human being

Cause the youth, yeah, we're finally here
Got a future full of love
Love without fear
Cause the youth, yeah, we're finally here
Got stand up, be proud, hold each other near

Whispers of the revolution are getting louder
on the Wall Streets and Main Streets
from New York
to Los Angeles
and around the world
See, we need the corruption and greed to end
And we need to learns respect for all of our brothers and sisters
See youth, it's a state of mind
and we preach a future full of
and progress

Cause the youth, yeah, we're finally here
Got a future full of love
Love without fear
Cause the youth, yeah, we're finally here
Got stand up, be proud, hold each other near

Photos contributed by:
Michael Nagle
Kevork Djansezian
Mario Tama
Josh Reynolds
Paul Stein
David Shankbone
Lucas Jackson

Video footage by:



Liberate Wall Street "At Last"

Lincoln Bergman



-  Re: Where Are They Now?: 7 Protest Songs With Legs

Did you see today's Truthdig! ? People get to propose their
all time favorite protest song...I suggested Tha Banks Are
Made of Marble....

Karen Lee Wald


One that seems absent from this great list is "Keep Your
Eyes on the Prize". Peer Seeger and Mavis Staples both  have
stirring renditions of this song.

Greg Herman


-  Nurses Union to Set Up First Aid Station for Occupy Wall

The nation's largest organization of nurses today announced
it will set up a first aid station Friday to provide basic
medical assistance to participants in the Occupy Wall Street
protests in New York, an effort that will be expanded to
other cities where protests continue. National Nurses United
(NNU) will establish a first aid station in New York's
Zuccotti Park Friday at noon, October 14.



-  Re: What Occupy Wall Street can do for Barack Obama

What needs to happen sooner rather than later is that some
of the people involved in the Wall Street demonstration have
to go to the Democratic Party to ensure that they or people
with their ideas get nominated to run for Congress. One of
the most telling points made thus far is that many elected
politicians basically work for and adhere to the ideas of
the major corporations and financial interests. They do not
represent the public and their interests. That was clear in
Matt Damon's movie about the financial collapse in 2008.
Politicization is necessary as a vehicle to gain

Laura MacDowell


-  Re: New Zealand's Worst Maritime Disaster: Yet Another Oil

do not ignore the flag-the liberian-one. when i was a
seaman, panama was the Liberia of that time-ships were not
inspected, and you could buy mate or captain's papers that
gave you the right to serve on such ships. they were wrecks
in every way, but registration was cheap. by the way, that
wasn't the only oddity-the largest merchant fleet in the
world then was landlocked Switzerland.



-  Re: Is Iran's Alleged Cash-for-Assassinations Plot Too

Implausible to Be True? Show this HTML in a new window? They
(powers in the US government) are building their next "Pearl



Comment: Yes, the allegations about an Iranian-Mexican drug
cartel assassination plot run through a used car salesman in
Texas are a little hard to swallow.  Anyone who believes
that might even believe that US intelligence officials would
sneak around the embargo on selling arms to Iran--using
Israel as a middleman-- to get money to fund the NIcaraguan
Contras, after the Boland Amendment made it impossible to
fund them legally.

Moral: Nothing in international politics is too crazy to

Meredith Tax


-  Ron Paul to Meet with Ultraright French Leader


US lawmaker Ron Paul to meet Marine Le Pen

October 13, 2011

Republican Representative and presidential hopeful Ron Paul
aims to meet with the head of France's far-right National
Front party, Marine Le Pen, during her upcoming US visit,
his office said on Wednesday.

"Madame Le Pen has requested a meeting and Congressman Paul
has agreed to a meeting, if he is in town, and as of today
it looks like he will be," Paul's communications director,
Rachel Mills, told AFP by email.

"Congressman Paul is also open to meeting with any of the
other candidates, it should be noted," she said, referring
to France's 2012 presidential race.

Marine Le Pen is seen as a fresh new face for the anti-
immigrant party founded by her father and erstwhile
presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen.

The National Front's opponents have branded the party

In mid-September, she said would travel to the United States
in early November and hoped to meet key officials tied to
the archconservative "Tea Party" movement to discuss the
global economic crisis.

"There will be Republicans, I hope there will be Democrats,
because I want to meet with everyone," she said.

Le Pen specifically cited hopes of meeting Ron Paul, calling
him "a great defender of an international monetary system
anchored on the gold standard."

AFP (fr) ([log in to unmask])

[thanks to Ethan Young for forwarding this to Portside]


-  Must Read - Elizabeth Warren--the woman who knew too much

Must read: Elizabeth Warren--the woman who knew too much


James H. Williams


-  Bill Friedman - Presente!

William (Bill) Friedman
March 2, 1920- October 11, 2011

Bill Friedman grew up in a poor Ukrainian Jewish immigrant
family. Joseph and Molly Friedman and their five boys
settled with their extended family in Waterbury, Connecticut
and eventually the Bronx.

Bill was introduced to left-wing politics by his eldest
brother, who took him to a Young Peoples Socialist League
meeting in his neighborhood. After a short time he became
restless with the lack of action, and decided to check out
the Young Communist League, which he found to be very active
and more to his liking.

He joined the YCL and soon found himself speaking on street
corners throughout the Bronx. One of the causes he spoke
about was the defense of the Republic in Spain and against
the Fascist rebellion. It was at one of these street corner
rallies, in Hunts Point where he was introduced to nursing
student Lisa Sevy, cousin of 16 year old Manny Nahman (who
soon after became the youngest American to volunteer and
fight in Spain with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade). After a
short courtship they were engaged and married.

When Bill was a young boy he developed osteomyelitis
(infections of the bone) that resulted in numerous surgeries
and caused him to spend long periods in hospitals and
rehabilitation facilities. As a result, he was rejected when
he volunteered to join the armed forces during World War II.
He found ways of aiding the war effort, and developed skills
at fundraising in support of the fight against Fascism.

Bill was active in the Bronx after the war. He was arrested
for blocking the eviction of the first Black residents in
the Parkchester Apartments. It was soon after this that New
York Life Insurance Company, which owned the giant
Parkchester Apartment complex, relented and Parkchester was

Bill worked in a jewelry factory in Long Island City and
then as a jewelry salesman at the department store,
Korvettes. He eventually built a successful business
creating and selling men's and women's jewelry.

When Angela Davis was arrested his sense of justice
propelled him into action and he threw himself into the
campaign to free her. He was a part of a group of talented
fund raisers who were able to raise hundreds of thousands of
dollars to support the effort to free Angela Davis.

In his later life, when his health limited his abilities to
be active, he was conscientious in contributing money to the
causes that were the passion of his life.

Bill enjoyed and was proud of his Jewish cultural heritage
and had a fine singing voice, and specialized in singing
Yiddish tunes. He was also known for his sense of humor and
had a treasure trove of jokes.

Bill, along with his wife, Lisa, who predeceased him by four
years, had three children, Susanne Markman, Nina Lazar and
Paul Friedman. He is also survived by 9 grandchildren and
five great grandchildren.


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