November 2010, Week 3


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Tue, 16 Nov 2010 21:34:02 -0500
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Tidbits - November 16, 2010

* Re: The Post-Midterms Game Plan for Progressives
  (Frank Millspaugh)
* Re: Ten Reasons the Social Security Proposal Should be DOA
  (David Van Arsdale)
* How much is a life worth? What about two lives?
  (Ben Jealous, NAACP)
* Information that we don't generally get from the normal
  sources of communication (Phyllis Mandel)
* Re: Why George W Should Still Worry (Kevin Canada)
* Re: Krugman: Hijacked Commission (Laurel MacDowell)
* Re: Portside Problems (Dena Barbara, Pam Brooks, Nancy
* Re: About Portside (David McReynolds)


* Re: The Post-Midterms Game Plan for Progressives

Excellent piece. Intellectually balanced and politically

Frank Millspaugh


* Re: Ten Reasons the Social Security Proposal Should be DOA

Will we hit the streets like the french?

David Van Arsdale


* How much is a life worth? What about two lives?


Sign the petition

How much is a life worth? What about two lives?

For sisters Jamie and Gladys Scott, $11 earned them each
double life sentences.

Jamie and Gladys were convicted of being accomplices to a
1993 robbery. The teenagers who carried out the robbery
served only two years in prison. The judge never explained
why the Scott sisters deserved such severe sentences.

Sixteen years later, the Scott sisters are still in prison.
And if Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour doesn't intervene,
they will die in prison -- all over just $11.

You can get the word out about this horrific injustice. Sign
the NAACP petition to Governor Barbour asking him to free
the Scott sisters:


When the Scott sisters were put on trial, neither Jamie nor
Gladys had a criminal record. But the presiding judge in
their trial, Judge Marcus Gordon, has a history of racially
biased rulings.

In all my years working to reform the criminal justice
system, I have never seen such an extreme sentence for this
type of crime. I am not alone. Even the original prosecutor
in the case has since become an advocate for the sisters'

And now, their freedom is becoming a matter of life and
death. In prison, Jamie Scott has lost renal function of her
kidneys and cannot survive without a transplant. The
Department of Corrections has refused to allow tests for
kidney compatibility even though numerous volunteers have
come forward.

Please, sign our petition today and tell Governor Barbour
that 16 years is enough. Nobody should die in prison for an
$11 crime:


There is no dollar amount that can be placed on a life. I
will not stop fighting for the Scott sisters until justice
is restored, and I hope you'll join me.

Yours in the struggle,

Ben Jealous President and CEO NAACP


* Information that we don't generally get from the normal
sources of communication.

Information about communities particularly hard hit by THIS
DEPRESSION (financial, physical, emotional) who have pulled
together to develop community gardens, who hopefully have
also considered other methods besides pesticides to, control
plant destruction.

Ideas about how to create/provide healthy food in inner
cities; where to get funds; does YOUR city have a library of
seeds. A garden can grow in a pot on your fire-escape; little sky-scraper-high terrace.  And it won't be pesticide
poisoned, except, for what air is poisoned around it.  In my
little corner of my 1941-year old "barracks" type unit in
Atchison Village, Richmond, CA, I have planted  apricot,
cherry, apple, lemon, plum trees, and seasonal fruits, which
I can. I encourage my neighbors and the village to use our
open space areas for same, avoid the cost of maintaining
unnecessary grassy areas, etc.

Who's organizing community transportation for the sick,
elderly, unemployed, poverty-stricken, who can't afford the
money for public transportation to get to an MD appointment,
in our reduced-public transit, over-charged public transit

I'm 71, live in air- polluted Chevron oil refinery/diesel-
train depot Richmond, CA. We just DEFEATED a slate of
candidates who once again wanted to put us in Chevron's
money-controlling hip pocket. A city with the highest rate of asthma in California.

At 62, I put myself thru a rigorous physical fitness
training program to be a teacher thereof, Pilates. My
students are cancer survivors, women over 60 with numerous
physical challenges. I spent 47 years working as a
secretary, sitting on my ass. I provide training in one 1
small room of a 4 room house, to keep costs down and charge

I'm interested in information about individuals and
communities that are pulling together so that we can
survive, and thru that oppose our oligarchic national

Music sooths the soul, lightens our burdens.

Phyllis Mandel
(Resident) Atchison Village Mutual Homes Corporation (Part
of the Rosie-the-Riverter National Historic Park),
Richmond, CA


* Re: Why George W Should Still Worry


Kevin Canada


* Re: Krugman: Hijacked Commission

Sounds like the Democratic Party has a full plate in the
next two years, not just to get reelected and to get the
economy going and to reduce the deficit, but to turn back
the mindless neoliberalism that has pervaded national
politics since Reagan. A tall order!

Then there is the Tea Party movement, which seems to have
more energy than the reduced labour movement. It is very
important for progressives to stand up to the reactionaries
who have had their own way for so long, and to focus on
getting people back to work. The corporations that started
as American but became multinationals took flight years ago
to invest in markets where there was cheap labour. So not
only are they not the hope of America's future they are
destructive. Fortunately they produce crap! And that is the
basis of a strategy. The Germans have been doing very well
by producing quality goods - mostly machinery. The Danes
have done well by producing windmills and other green
technology. What Americans need to do is both. Begin to
produce high quality goods that cost more but put people to
work and last a long time. Stuff that doesn't break or rust
or fall apart. If it is hard to get the banks to bankroll
these new types of businesses turn to your communities; get
into the slow growth economy movement. The change has to
come from within but what is needed is compatible with the
need to have a greener planet. You need local leaders to cut
throught the political crap and start getting people
working, talking, organizing and doing stuff for themselves.
As for the rich, it may be their goal not to pay taxes and
have everyone pay instead but no economy can survive with 2%
of the population doing well and the rest impoverished. Even
they cannot consume enough to keep an economy going. So the
overall wealth of the economy badly needs to be re-
distributed as it was from the 1940s-70s. To do that people
just have to change their way of thinking and their way of
doing things and their goals. The idea is not to have a lot
of junky stuff; the idea is work for a society where you
have a future.

Laurel MacDowell


* Re: Portside Problems

Of course we'll stick with you.  You are indispensable.

Dena Barbara


Happy to oblige!!  Portside has proven to be so very
valuable to me and my students and to all those with whom I
share the posts.  Thanks so very much for what you do, and I
hope one day to be able to make a useful, tho most likely
small, contribution.

All best,

Pam Brooks


Many thanks for being so meticulous about straightening out
the problem of the message delivery.

Nancy MIkelsons
Oak Park, IL


* Re: About Portside

Congratulations on the wide range of "endorsements" you've
gotten - covers a lot of political ground, and should leave
you folks feeling reassured as to the value of what you put
so much time into.

David McReynolds



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