September 2012, Week 3


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REWIND - A Week of Quotes & Cartoons


Quote of the Day
September 9, 2012

' Currently, individuals earning more than $110,100
do not pay Social Security taxes on income above
that amount. Most poor and middle-class families
pay 6.2 percent of their income in Social Security
taxes; wealthy people making $1 million end up
paying less than 1 percent.

'We can strengthen Social Security with one simple
tweak: make everyone, including millionaires and
billionaires, pay Social Security taxes on all their
income. Then we can determine whether other
sacrifices are necessary.

'Social Security is one of the great achievements of
American democracy. It keeps tens of millions of
Americans out of abject poverty and provides a
secure economic cornerstone for millions of hard-
working people.'

Robby Stern, president of Puget
Sound Advocates for Retirement
Action and chair of Social Security
Works - Washington. 

Letter to the New York Times
September 9, 2012

Toon of the Day
Fall College Courses
The Strip | By Brian McFadden
New York Times


Quote of the Day
September 10, 2012

'This nasty debate, Medicare (Obama) vs.
Vouchercare (Romney), is really a referendum on the
nation's senior population. The stakes for poor
senior citizens couldn't be higher.

'I'm not at all naive about the politics being played
here, but I have never quite understood how a
nation of advanced citizenship can so easily render
invisible the weak and the vulnerable? In other
words, "we got your back," unless you're too young
to vote or too old to matter.'

Tavis Smiley, PBS talk show
host, PRI radio host
Huffington Post
September 10, 2012

Toon of the Day
Medicare Plan
Tom Toles - Washington Post


Quote of the Day
September 11, 2012

'With most political observers predicting a close
election in November, the neocons hope that they
can ride back into power in Washington behind a
President Romney and then resume their role as his
foreign policy foremen, advising the inexperienced
Romney much as they did the novice Bush.

'In making a choice for President, therefore, the
American voters must realize that they are electing
not just the people on the ballot but a cast of
advisers who come along with the winners. Mitt
Romney has made clear that he will staff much of
his foreign policy team with neocon retreads from
the Bush-43 administration.

'Though these neocons always talk tough, the
overwhelming evidence now indicates that when the
United States was actually under the imminent
threat of a domestic attack, the arrogant neocons
blocked a meaningful response. Then, after the
devastation, they compounded the mistake by
diverting the U.S. military into a war on Iraq, which
had nothing to do with 9/11.

'One of the questions that American voters might
want to consider before Nov. 6 is whether a Romney
presidency, staffed with belligerent neocons, would
make the United States safer or put its citizens more
at risk.'

Robert Parry
'The Neocons and 9/11'
September 11, 2012

Toon of the Day
Matt Math
Rob Rogers


Quote of the Day
September 12, 2012

'Teachers and their allies in local communities
across the country, amidst the most severe
contraction of jobs and budget cutbacks they've ever
faced, have been trying to warn the Democrats'
education wizards that they're blowing it big time in
beating down teachers and trying to turn their
profession into a "business." The outcome the
"reformers" have been pursuing for many years is to
reduce teachers to interchangeable cogs in a
corporate machine with few rights and negligible
input into the management of their own profession.
Across the country they have set out to reduce
teachers' job security while imposing punitive
actions upon them. If teachers don't obediently
jump through a new set of hoops designed for
"accountability" and the quantitative measurement
of "student learning outcomes," they are told, then
they are "impediments" to children's learning.

'[Rahm] Emanuel, like [Arne] Duncan, has shown
repeatedly that he has no intention of really
listening to the teachers' ideas or suggestions about
how to work with them in a productive way. Like
Wisconsin's Republican anti-union governor, Scott
Walker, Mayor Emanuel would love to see the CTU
buckle under. He apparently would have no problem
with business executives managing the teaching
profession in the same manner they would a widget

Joseph Palermo
LA Progressive
September 12, 2012

Toon of the Day
Backseat Driver
Pat Bagley - The Salt Lake Tribune


Quote of the Day
September 13, 2012

'Today's release of yet more chilling economic data
from the Census Bureau further demonstrates that a
generation-long experiment with right-wing
economic theories has failed America. The Census
report confirms the trend that the Economic Policy
Institute shows in The State of Working America
2012, released yesterday-falling incomes and
growing inequality.  A generation after Reagan and
more than a decade after the Bush tax cuts to the
wealthiest among us, the middle class is less and
less secure. Median family household income fell
again last year and remains 8.9 percent lower than
its peak in 1999. The share of income going to
middle and lower middle income households
continued its fall, while the share of income going to
households in the top 5 percent continued to rise.
The top 20 percent now get a record high 51.1
percent of America's income, leaving less for the
bottom 80 percent.

'Instead of coddling the richest households, America
needs to return to the principles of "prosperity
economics" that have historically enabled economic
security for all and a growing middle class. But
Romney and Ryan seek to double down on a set of
policies that clearly tilt income growth to the top,
while hollowing out the middle.  And, as the Ryan
budget makes clear, the only way to pay for those
tax cuts for millionaires is for the government to
turn its back on the middle class.'

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka
September 13, 2012

Toon of the Day
The Clown
Pat Oliphant


Quote of the Day
September 14, 2012

'The main determinants of childrens' performance
continues to be the socioeconomic conditions of
their parents. Those unwilling to take the steps
necessary to address the latter (e.g. promote full
employment) are the ones who do not care about
our children.'

Economist Dean Baker
September 14, 2012

Toon of te Day
Tom Toles - Washington Post


Quote of the Day
September 15, 2012

'This year, Newsweek cheerfully welcomed the Class
of 2016 by asking, 'Is College a Lousy Investment?'
And in The Times, Andrew Martin reported that the
Department of Education is paying more than $1.4
billion per annum to folks whose job it is to collect
on $76 billion in defaulted student loans. 'If you
wait long enough, you catch people when their
guard's down,' one debt collector told Martin after
garnishing the savings of a disabled carpenter. '

Columnist Gail Collins
New York Times
September 15, 2012

Toon of the Day
Bibi's Companion
David Fitzsimmons - Arizona Star


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