October 2011, Week 3


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REWIND - A Week of Quotes & Cartoons


Quote of the Day
October 9, 2011

'Bibi has certainly left his mark in the realm of
market-oriented economic reform, attempting to downsize
government, remove layers of the social safety net, and
de-unionize the workforce, with a string of policies in
the Reagan-Thatcher tradition that, in particular,
characterized his first term as prime minister and his
period as finance minister from 2003 to 2005. Those
policies have had a significant impact and, at least
for the hundreds of thousands of Israelis who took to
the streets in this summer's social protest movement, a
destructive one. Yet Bibi has never met his own bar of
neoliberal economic absolutism. Israel maintains a
significant and political coalition-driven core of
social welfare provision. The recommendations of the
Trachtenberg committee, appointed by Netanyahu (and
named after its chair, Manuel Trachtenberg, an
economist and former head of Israel's National Economic
Council) in response to the unprecedented social unrest
that started in Tel Aviv and swept the country, may
fall well short of the protesters' demands but still
include ideas that should have Netanyahu's Republican
friends in the United States crying sellout.'

Daniel Levy
on Israel Prime Minister
Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu
Foreign Policy
October 7, 2011

Toon of the Day
To Do List
Tony Auth - Philadelphia Inquirer


Quote of the Day
October 10, 2011

'Repairing the monetary union will require hard labour
for years, but the alternative is worse. The economic
costs of a break-up would be staggering for creditor
and debtor nations. The political consequences are as
grave. The euro was portrayed as the last step to rid
Europe of the demons of nationalism and war. Cracks are
already visible in the edifice of European unity -
witness the strain on the Schengen visa-free travel
scheme. The euro's collapse could bring it down

Financial Times
October 10, 2011

Toon of the Day
Bloombeg Speaks
Jeff Danziger


Quote of the Day
October 11, 2011

'In recent days, it has become clear that several large
banks, most notably Bank of America, are teetering.
Though the backlash against the giant bank's proposed
five-dollar-a-month charge for debit cards has gotten
the headlines, this is the least of its problems. The
profits from this new charge would be chump change
measured against the bank's chasms of losses, the
legacy of its ill-advised purchases of Countrywide
Financial and Merrill Lynch in 2008.

'Worried investors have driven Bank of America stock
down to the range of 5 to 6 dollars a share. Bank of
America's books are still glutted with non-performing
mortgage loans, and a grand solution to the mortgage
crisis seems further away than ever.'

Robert Kuttner, author of
A Presidency in Peril: The
Inside Story of Obama's
Promise, Wall Street's Power,
and the Struggle to Control
our Economic Future

October 10, 2011

Toon of the Day
Dear Lord
Past Oliphant


Quote of the Day
October 12, 2011

'On the left, President Obama has been the primary
target of outrage for his failure to articulate and
fight for more progressive policies, including bailing
out the victims of the sub-prime mortgage scam and more
aggressively reining in, even investigating and
prosecuting those who caused the crisis. In a recent
series of articles on strategy for the progressive
movement in 2012 and beyond, I suggested that rather
than focus exclusively on Obama, progressives need to
act boldly to galvanize a movement around the vision,
values and principles of a socially responsible economy
where the needs, interests and aspirations of the
people take precedent over profit and property as
dictated by corporations and financial institutions -
Wall Street. In a political environment where a timid
President is hampered by the noise and obstructionist
tactics of the reactionaries, we who believe in a
different definition of "freedom and democracy" than
the conservatives must take to the streets and mobilize
to march on ballot boxes to articulate and advance our
vision and agenda. We must work to "unite the many to
defeat the few!"'

Dr. Ron Daniels
President of the Institute of the Black
World 21st Century
October 12, 2011

Toon of the Day
Of the Pedestal
Lalo Alcarez


Quote of the Day
October 13, 2011

'I'm putting you on notice. What's happening here is
not right, that these people, in these tough economic
times, are being laid off. That's not right.'

New York City Councilmember
Domenic M. Recchia Jr. of Brooklyn,
protesting the city school system's
decision to layoff 1,000 non-uniform,
non-pedagogical employees,many of whom
are are black or Latino women, and many
of whom are single mothers themselves
who work in the same schools their
children attend.

New York Times
October 12, 2011

Toon of the Day
Tony Auth - Philadelphia Inquirer


Quote of the Day
October 14, 2011

'If any other community needs a bailout, it's the
African-American community, I think that as African-
Americans, the economic bailout on Wall Street and the
foreclosure crisis has hit our community the worst.
We're like the 99 [percent] below the 99 in our
communities, so I think that it's important for us to
be here and be counted and make sure that as we are
holding Wall Street accountable.'

Hip hop artist Jasiri X to BET.com
News One for Black America
October 13, 2011

Toon of the Day
Debit or Credit?
Jeff Danziger


Quote of the Day
October 15, 2011

'They need to understand who their constituency is.'

An unnamed 'long time money manager'
who - responding to the Occupy Wall
Street protests - told reporters 'he
was disappointed that members of
Congress from New York, especially
Senator Charles E. Schumer and
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, had
not come out swinging for an
industry that donates heavily to
their campaigns.'

New York Times
October 15, 2011

Toon of the Day
Real Demands
Ben Sargent


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