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Wed, 25 Jan 2012 23:01:26 -0500
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1  Gingrich's Anti-Muslim Sugar Daddy Funded Film Shown To                                     NYPD   

2  Jewish Groups Condemn NYPD's Use of Anti-Muslim Propaganda


Gingrich's Anti-Muslim Sugar Daddy Funded Film Shown To NYPD

By Adam Serwer
Tue Jan. 24, 2012 9:00 AM PST

The New York Police Department, currently facing criticism
from Muslim and civil liberties groups over a CIA-advised
program that involved "mapping" the city's Muslim enclaves,
showed an anti-Muslim training video to thousands of
officers, the New York Times reports. The film purports to
describe the centuries-long process by which Muslims are
seeking to dominate the planet, and in particular the United
States, by covertly subverting the Constitution and
implementing Taliban-style Islamic law. 

The story was first broken by the Village Voice, but the
Times' piece connects the film, The Third Jihad, and its
shadowy sponsor, The Clarion Fund, to the 2012 election:

The 72-minute film was financed by the Clarion Fund, a
nonprofit group whose board includes a former Central
Intelligence Agency official and a deputy defense secretary
for President Ronald Reagan. Its previous documentary
attacking Muslims' "war on the West" attracted support from
the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a major supporter of
Israel who has helped reshape the Republican presidential
primary by pouring millions of dollars into a so-called
super PAC that backs Newt Gingrich.

Adelson's donation to Gingrich likely has something to do
with their shared anti-Palestinian views, namely the notion
that Palestinian national identity is "invented."

However, Gingrich isn't the only candidate with links to the
Clarion Fund, who as Salon's Justin Elliott and The
Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg have written, is also tied to a
radical Israeli settler group. One of Mitt Romney's Middle
East advisers, Walid Phares, who spent much of the Lebanese
civil war as a political and ideological adviser to the
leadership of a Christian militant group that committed
atrocities, remains on Clarion's adisory board. The
aforementioned former deputy defense secretary is birther
Frank Gaffney, who also sits on Clarion's advisory board and
recently praised Gingrich for saying he wouldn't appoint a
Muslim to his cabinet unless he or she promised not to try
and "impose [Shariah] on the rest of us." 

While Gingrich's formal ties to the million-dollar
Islamophobia industry are stronger than Romney's, and
Gingrich himself has endorsed the whole "stealth jihad"
conspiracy theory, the former Massachussetts governor has
nevertheless made an effort to quietly acknowledge those who
believe American Muslims are quietly working to replace the
Constitution with Taliban-style Islamic law (and force all
of us to eat halal turkeys at Thanksgiving) by picking one
of their more scholarly cohorts as an adviser on the Middle



Jewish Groups Condemn NYPD's Use of Anti-Muslim Propaganda

Jews Against Islamophobia -- A Coalition of Jews for Racial
and Economic Justice, Jewish Voice for Peace, and Jews Say

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 24, 2012


Jews Against Islamophobia
Condemns the NYPD's use of the Third Jihad Propaganda Film

As members of Jews Against Islamophobia, we are outraged to
learn that the NYPD has shown the rabidly anti-Muslim film,
The Third Jihad, to nearly 1,500 police officers during
their training. We were outraged to learn in early 2011 that
the NYPD had shown the film to what was then characterized
as a small number of police officers, "a couple of times."
We are even more outraged to now learn from files obtained
by NYU's Brennan Center for Justice and reported in the New
York Times today that the film ran for months on a
continuous loop "during the sign-in, medical and
administrative orientation process" for the NYPD.  As a
result, police officers "from lieutenants to detectives to
patrol officers" were shown Islamophobic propaganda
depicting Muslims attempting to "infiltrate and dominate
America" through bombing, deception, and other violent
means. The inclusion of an interview with Police
Commissioner Raymond Kelly, "a featured interviewee,"
certainly has indicated to police officers and other NYPD
personnel that the NYPD endorsed the film's hateful and
distorted message.

We wish we could say that we are shocked by the behavior of
the NYPD in showing this video, but we have already seen the
NYPD's resistance to releasing information about both its
stop-and-frisk approach to policing the city's Black and
Latino communities and its covert surveillance of Muslim
neighborhoods.  We view the revelations about The Third
Jihad not as an aberration, but as one more attack by the
NYPD on the civil liberties of targeted New York communities
and, more recently, of the Occupy Movement.

We call for the resignation of Police Commissioner Kelly,
who has both allowed such policies and actions to occur
under his watch and has not taken any steps to disassociate
himself from The Third Jihad.  We call on the NYPD to stop
contributing to a climate of suspicion of Muslims and other
targeted communities whose lives and liberties are put in
danger when any person, but especially someone in law
enforcement, views them as grave threats. We also call on
the NYPD to provide mandatory training for all of its
officers - not just those exposed to The Third Jihad - that
presents an accurate view of Islam and Muslims and helps
ensure that Muslims and members of all NYC communities
receive fair and respectful treatment by the NYPD.

Jews Against Islamophobia

JAI is a coalition of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Jews for
Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ), and Jews Say No! [
http://jfrej.org/ ; http://jewishvoiceforpeace.org/ ]



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