September 2010, Week 2


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Wed, 8 Sep 2010 22:55:21 -0400
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Tidbits: September 8, 2010

1. Cuba Mourns Lucius Walker's Death
2. Middle East Children's Alliance presents Robert Fisk (Los Angeles) 
3. Fighting Class War Fighting Bob Style (Baraboo, WI)
4. 70% of French Support Sept. 7 Strikes
5. Will You Be in Washington on Oct. 2?


Cuba Mourns Lucius Walker's Death

By Ileana Ferrer Fonte Prensa Latina September 8, 2010


Cubans reacted with sadness on Wednesday to the death
of the Reverend Lucius Walker in New York, one of the
most important pacifists of these times, at the age of

His death was confirmed on Tuesday in a press release
from Pastors for Peace, the organization he led, which
said, "It is with immeasurable sadness that we inform
you of the passing of our beloved leader Rev. Lucius
Walker Jr. this morning."

Walker was born on August 3, 1930, and stood out for
his work for peace and his tireless struggle for the
freedom of five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly
imprisoned in the United States.

He was a founder of the Interreligious Foundation for
Community Organization (IFCO)in 1967, and from 1973 to
1978, he was Associate General Secretary of the
National Council of Churches in the United States.

Since 1992, Pastors for Peace has organized the annual
U.S.-Cuba Friendshipment caravan, systematically
breaking the U.S. blockade of Cuba by bringing
computers, buses and medicine to the Cuban people.


Wednesday, September 22, 7:00pm

The Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA) presents
Award-Winning Middle East War Correspondent


"One of the most famous journalists in the world"
speaking on "Lies, Misreporting, and Catastrophe in the
Middle East"

First Congregational Church of Berkeley 2345 Channing
Way (@ Dana) 6 blocks from Downtown Berkeley BART

Tickets: $15 general, $10 students/low income $50
includes post-event reception plus reserved event
seating For tickets and more info:

Only $15 tickets at area bookstores: (East Bay) Books
Inc., Diesel, Moe's Books, Pegasus/Solano,
Pegasus/Shattuck, Walden Pond (SF) Modern Times.

Benefit for children in Palestine & Lebanon. No one
turned away for lack of funds.

Wheelchair accessible, ASL interpreted


Fighting Class War Fighting Bob Style 
Laura Flanders' F Word 
September 8, 2010

Obama spoke to a labor crowd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on
Monday, calling for new energy investment, and new
infrastructure. The word most people want to hear from
him, of course, is jobs. Where are they going to be,
when are they coming back?

Wisconsin's a place where that discussion's getting
very twisted. Once a solid progressive state, home of
"Fighting Bob" La Follette, now it's "purple"-- and
solid progressive Senators like Russ Feingold, the sole
Senate vote against the PATRIOT Act, are feeling the
lash this election cycle because of misplaced anger
from the Tea Partiers and Republicans decrying "big
government" while enjoying cash from big business.

In 1931, La Follette wrote in The Nation of the failure
of the Hoover administration to deal promptly and
sufficiently with the Depression, saying "The
bankruptcy of his leadership in the worst economic
crisis in our history reveals the tragic failure of
rugged individualism and places the major cost of
deflation upon those least able to bear it - the

Yet here we are again, nearly 80 years later, and that
same rugged individualism, tax cuts for the wealthy and
weak stimulus are being tossed out as solutions, as if
we've forgotten what ended the Depression, namely
spending. Give money back to those who already have it,
John McCain and Feingold's foes argue, and they'll fix
the economy.

As Katrina vanden Huevel put it here yesterday, when
the very rich are sitting on $1.8 triillion in assets
and wanting more, but not hiring or paying living
wages, that's class war. La Follette knew people needed
leaders willing to fight it. As he noted back in 1917,
that "wealth has never yet sacrificed itself on the
altar of patriotism." No indeed.

For more Fighting Bob talk, come on the Barrymore
theater, Friday night in Madison, where I'll be kicking
off Bob Fest - with the likes of Feingold, Thom
Hartmann, Greg Palast and Jim Hightower. There's more
information right here:


70% of French Support Sept. 7 Strikes and Demonstrations

Translated by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Henry
Crapo September 7, 2010 L'Humanite

A majority of French people (70%) approve of the Sept.
7 trade union day of mobilization against the bill on
retirements, according to an IFOP opinion poll done for
Dimanche Ouest-France newspaper.

The slim majority that considers it "acceptable" to
raise the legal retirement age from 60 to 62, the key
measure in the reform, declined further in September
(53% as against 58% in June).

Questioned on the progressive raising of the legal
retirement age to 62 by 2018 desired by the government,
53% said it was "totally acceptable" or "acceptable
enough," compared with 47% who described it as "totally
unacceptable" or "rather unacceptable."

The proportion of those who consider it "totally
unacceptable" has risen to 30%, a 7-percent gain since
last June. On the other hand, the proportion saying it
is "totally acceptable" has fallen by 7 percent, to 21%

The opinion poll indicates there are big differences on
the bill to raise the retirement age depending on the
age of the person questioned. A majority of those aged
25-34 (52% say it is unacceptable), and those aged
35-49 (53%) oppose the bill.

In addition, a very large majority of French people
(70%) approve of the September 7 strikes and
demonstrations against the retirement reform, an
approval that is highest among those aged 18-24 (87%),
white-collar workers (82%) and blue-collar workers

When the same question was asked regarding the strikes
and demonstrations against the retirement reform in
May, 2008, 43% of the French people thought the day of
action was justified, the opinion poll points out.

This is a "contradictory and evenly split picture: The
French think the government project is necessary and
courageous, but unfair, and a majority backs the
movement that opposes it," Jérôme Fourquet of IFOP

While a very high proportion of those questioned agree
that the government "is not very open to dialogue"
(69%), "rather unfair in its choices" (67%) and "not
attentive enough to questions linked to the difficulty
of certain jobs" (62%), a smaller majority recognizes
that it is "courageous in its choices (53%) and
"determined to maintain the French contributory pension
scheme" (57%).

According to 70% of those polled, the government is
"acting responsibly with respect to coming

Finally, 76% of workers polled find that the government
is "rather inattentive to questions involving the
hardship involved in certain types of work."

This poll was taken by the IFOP by telephone on 2-3
September, with a sampling of 957 persons,
representative of the French population aged 18 or
over, using a method of quotas.


Will We See You There? 

Two weeks ago we asked if you were ready to hit the
streets again. The answer is coming in from every
corner of the country: YES.

Even with the usual challenges of end-of-summer
organizing, momentum for the One Nation Working
Together mobilization in Washington, DC on Saturday,
October 2nd is growing every day. New organizations -
both national and local groups - are signing on. New
organizing committees in cities big and small are
coming together. Buses are being reserved, carpools are
being organized, and people are getting ready. Without
exaggeration, all signs point to the 10.2.10
mobilization being of historical proportion. To put it
simply: This is one you do not want to miss!

With the long Labor Day weekend behind us, now is the
time to take our organizing to the next level. What we
do - what we all do - in the next few weeks will
determine if 10.2.10 is one of the largest and most
powerful expressions of the progressive agenda that our
nation as ever seen. The peace movement has a
tremendous role to play, if we step up now. We know how
to turn out people: Remember the massive protests
against the war in Iraq that we made happen? Those
events were critically important in and of themselves,
and they also laid the foundation for the work we are
now engaged in.

Our work as a movement goes beyond turning out large
numbers of people for an historic event. We have an
opportunity to help millions of people understand how
the struggle to end the wars and occupation in
Afghanistan and Iraq is directly tied to the urgent
need to re-direct this nation's economic and social
priorities. We can bring our clear call for cuts in
military spending into the efforts to fund the needs of
all of our communities, including creating millions of
new, green jobs.

Making these connections will only be as strong as our
presence within the One Nation Working Together
movement. This means being part of the local organizing
coalitions that are already in place, or building new
ones in the cities where they don't exist yet. It means
turning out massive numbers of people in Washington, DC
on 10.2.10. And it means helping us build the peace
presence there.

Here's what you can do:

1) Find out if there's an organized coalition in your
area. Click here to see a list of what's already in

2) If there is not a coalition, start right now to form
one. If you need help, let us know by contacting us at
[log in to unmask] or 973 666-4605. 

3) Be sure to add your group's name to the growing list
of groups participating in the 10.2.10 March on
Washington. Click Join Our Coalition here:

4) Join the Peace Table of the ONWT effort.   We are
the umbrella structure organizing to make sure the
issues the peace movement works on every day are
visible on October 2nd and a part of the overall agenda
for this new movement:

5) Donate today to help support the work of the Peace
Table. With a relatively small budget we can have a
tremendous impact, but we need to your help now to make
that possible.   Or mail a check to: UFPJ, PO Box 607,
Times Square Station, NY, NY 10108

We will soon send you more details about what will
happen in Washington, DC on October 2, including how
the Peace Table will make our messages a visible part
of the day and how your group can help make that
happen. In the meantime, if you have any questions,
please contact us at 973 666-4605.

Help us continue to do this critical work: Make a
donation to UFPJ today:

UNITED FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE www.unitedforpeace.org |
212-868-5545 PO Box 607; Times Square Station; New
York, NY 10108


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