June 2012, Week 2


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REWIND - A Week of Quotes & Cartoons


Quote of the Day
June 3, 2012

'This spring created the opportunity for
us to build the important lasting links between
movements and people, to imagine creative
actions together, and to develop a shared
narrative about the economy. We plan to build
upon the incredible energy, mass
engagement, and creativity that were surfaced
through 99% Spring  and Power to make a
difference in key struggles impacting every
day people of the 99% on issues like housing
justice, workers'  rights, and climate
justice-and to pave a way for future struggles.'

Sarita Gupta, director of Jobs 
with Justice and a leader of 
the 99% Spring

Yes Magazine
May 30, 2012

Toon of the Day
Walker's Time
Stuart Carlson


Quote of the Day
June 4, 2012

"We give voice to those who don't normally find
an outlet. We are showing the powers that be
that we haven't given up, that we are watching
them and demanding they get to work and let
us be the masters of our own lives.'

Journalist Sofia de Roa who works
at Agora Sol Radio, a station that
takes its inspiration from the 2011
protests in Madrid's central
Puerta del Sol square.

The Guardian (UK)
June 3, 2012

Toon of the Day
Money Votes
Tom Toles - Washington Post


Quote of the Day
June 5, 2012

'The biggest misperception - fed by decades of growth
with relatively shallow recessions - is that a college
diploma virtually guarantees a good job. It does not.
Without robust economic expansion to fuel growth, job
shortages are inevitable, even for the educated.

'Another misperception is that today's joblessness is
mainly the result of mismatches - with employers unable
to find skilled workers or workers unwilling or unable
to move to where the jobs are. Recent college graduates
are both skilled and mobile, yet they experience high
joblessness, demonstrating, once again, that a lack of
jobs stems primarily from a lack of demand in a weak

New York Times
June 5, 2012

Toon of the Day
Evil Weapons
Tony Auth


Quote of the Day
June 6, 2012

'We should not extend -- and he [President Obama] will
not extend -- the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest
two percent of the American people. It's bad policy,
it's bad for the economy, it's bad for our fiscal

'... He will not - could I be more clear? - he will not
support extension of the upper-income Bush tax cuts.'

White House spokesperson Jay Carney
to reporters aboard Air Force One

Yahoo News
June 6, 2012

Toon of the Day
Rising Tide
Mike Keefe - Denver Post


Quote of the Day
June 7, 2012

'But, from the beginning, the money behind Governor
Walker was intended to turn a once-reliable blue state
into a laboratory for Republican ideas, where business
could grow free of union fetters, taxes could be cut
and thousands of people could be removed from Medicaid

'That's why David Koch, the billionaire industrialist
whose family money was crucial to Mr. Walker's election
in 2010, gave $1 million to the Republican Governors
Association this year, which, in turn, ran ads
supporting Mr. Walker. Mr. Koch said Mr. Walker's fight
against public unions was "critically important."

'The tactics worked in Wisconsin, and in several other
states. Labor, so long in decline in the private
sector, is also losing its clout in states and cities,
unable to match or withstand the unfettered bank
accounts of industry. The people who kept Mr. Walker
and his policies in power are just getting started.'

New York Times
June 7, 2012

Toon of the Day
First Course
Rob Rogers


Quote of the Day
June 8, 2012

'This fall the biggest challenge for progressives will
be finding a way to use the election to break the
establishment consensus on post-election austerity.
This requires mobilization around the demand of Good
Jobs First and condemning a premature turn to austerity
that would force working families to pay for the mess
that Wall Street created. In addition, a broad-based
coalition could join the Congressional Progressive
Caucus, Senator Bernie Sanders and prominent economists
to lay out a common-sense approach to growth and
deficits. The most effective deficit-reduction measure
is putting people to work-as soon as the unemployed
start collecting paychecks, they spend and stimulate
the economy, putting even more people to work and
expanding tax revenue. Fair tax reform that shuts down
corporate loopholes and tax havens and hikes taxes on
the wealthy can help pay for the investments we need to
build a new foundation for growth. Borrowing money at
current interest rates, which are cheaper than free,
and investing it in renovating our decrepit
infrastructure-roads, sewers, energy systems-will put
people to work and have a positive economic return.
After we do this, we can focus on getting our books in
order over the long term-not by cutting Medicare or
Social Security but by fixing our broken healthcare

Katrina vanden Heuvel and Robert L. Borosage
The Nation
June 25, 2012 edition

Toon of the Day
Song Society
Signe Wilkinson


Quote of the Day
June 9, 2012

'There is an aggressiveness out there among the ruling
class of this country, among the billionaires who are
saying: `You know what? Ya, we got a whole lot now, but
we want even more. And we don't give a damn about the
middle class. We don't care about working families. We
want it all. And now we can buy it.'?"

'...Right now, we are moving toward an oligarchic type
of society where big money not only controls the
economy-they're going to have a very, very heavy say in
who gets elected.'

Senator Bernie Sanders (I - Vt.)
The Nation
June 8, 2012

Toon of the Day
After Work
Stuart Carlson


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