July 2011, Week 4


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Mon, 25 Jul 2011 20:59:30 -0400
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Tidbits and Announcements - July 25, 2011

* Walmart Respect DC Flash Mob (RespectDC) 
* Re: IranPublic Execution and U.S. Public Executions (Sue
 Lambert and Michael Munk) 
* Re: SocialSecurity/Medicare: The Easy Fix (Clare Rosenfield) 
* Re: Wisconsin Sees Dramatic Prison-Based Gerrymandering
 in New State, County, City Districts (Jack Mayer) 
* Re: Nurses Back Financial Transaction Tax Plan (Cyril
* Center for Popular Economics - Economics
 for People, Not Profits - Summer Institute 2011 -
 Schedule of Public Events
 * Reviving the Strike: How Working People can Regain
 Power and Transform America.” Aug. 3, Greenfield, MA


* Walmart Respect DC Flash Mob

This is great - check it out - musicians and community
activists coming together.

Keeping the anti-flashmob tradition strong, our friends
down in DC flood a Maryland Walmart and ask the
mega-retailer for "A Little Respect." Great work
Respect DC!

Walmart Respect DC Flash Mob


Uploaded by RespectDC on July 21, 2011

"Our message is clear - respect DC"

Respect DC flashmobbed Walmart to send a message to the
world's largest retailer. The message was LOUD and
clear: Respect DC and Respect Associates.

Thanks to District Circus Marching Band, Isaiah Toney,
Vera Leone, and Kristen Arant (www.drumlady.com) for
making great music!

Thanks to Karlyn Williams for the creative
choreography. A big thank you to all who participated
in the event!

Check out www.respectdc.org or
www.facebook.com/RespectDC for more information.

If you are a Walmart associate, check out


* Re: Iran Public Execution and U.S. Public Executions

Well, excuse me for asking, but how does this differ
(perhaps by a matter of degrees) from the executions
that take place in the USA, especially as they "think"
(sic) they are a civilized nation?  With family members
of the both the victim and the convicted present this
makes for a despicable ending to someone's life.

Sue Lambert


The nation's last public hanging was the execution of
Rainey Bethea in 1936 in Owensboro, KY. A crowd
estimated at 20,000 people gathered to watch.

Michael Munk


* Re: Social Security/Medicare: The Easy Fix

I hope these articles have reached the right people in
Congress plus the President.  Have they?   This is the
most sense I've read in a long time. Also, there is
still that unpublicized fact that Congresspersons ALL
have for LIFE, even after they are out of office, the

Clare Rosenfield, LCSW


* Re: Wisconsin Sees Dramatic Prison-Based
Gerrymandering in New State, County, City Districts

Ain' Democracy - the American Brand, that is -

Jack Mayer


* Re: Nurses Back Financial Transaction Tax Plan

In evaluating Obama's politics, it is important to
recall that his political career began in Chicago's
Hyde Park area -- an integrated neighborhood in the
University of Chicago area. Obama was a  community
organizer. It there he got his political education. In
Hyde Park there were groups that had different means of
attaining their objective -- a better Hyde Park for all
its residents.Obama is acting as if the problems he's
facing as president were the same as he faced in Hyde
Park.He sees his task to bring people together as he
did as a community organizer. But the situation is
entirely different. The Republican Party is not looking
policies what will help all the people. They are
looking out only for their own constituents.Obama's
latest angry reaction seems to show he is finally
realizing this. Let's hope so! But he must work out a
coherent social and political policy for all people,
particularly those not represented because they are not
organized.He has to develop a populist stand that he,
as President,  represents all the people in an effort
to create a politic for the people, of the people and
by the people.

Cyril Robinson, emeritus professor, Southern Illinois
University, Carbondale, IL


* Center for Popular Economics - Economics for People,
Not Profits - Summer Institute 2011 - Schedule of
Public Events

All Workshops and Evening events are free and open to
the public, and will be held at Smith College in
Seeleye and Bass Halls, Northampton MA.

* Tuesday - July 26th 7-9 PM - The Factory in the
Living Room: How Television and Advertising Exploits
Its Audience - Seeleye 201

Sut Jhally, Professor of Communications, UMass

* Wednesday - July 27th 1:30-3 PM - Workshops

Workshop 1 - Seeleye 204 - Community Media and AIDS/HIV
in Africa - Kiaran Honderich, Center for Popular

Workshop 2 - Seeleye 304 - The Attack on the Public
Sector and Labor - Thomas Herndon, Zhun Xu, Center for
Popular Economics

Workshop 3 - Bass 210 - Community-based Economic
Development: Creating jobs through worker-owned coops
-Fred Rose, Well Spring Initiative

3:30-5 PM - Workshops

Workshop 1 - Seeleye 204 - Political Economy of Prisons
- Geert Dhondt, Center for Popular Economics

Workshop 3 - Bass 210 - Winning Heart, Heads and
Minds-Why Arts, Culture and Media is Fundamental to our
Movement- Betty Yu, Hakim Bellamy, Steven Renderos

7-8:30 PM - Seeleye 201 - Film: This Land is Our Land.

This film explores the notion of the commons - natural
and socially created resources that should serve the
public good, such as clean air, clean water or a
healthy press. The showing will be followed by
discussion led by one of the film's co-directors, Sut
Jhally. 8:30-10 PM - Coffee House & Open Mic - Chapin
House, Common Room

Open mic - be brave and share your talents!

* Thursday - July 28th 1:30-3 PM - Workshops

Workshop 1 - Seeleye 204 - Up Against the Wall Street
Journal - Role Play - Center for Popular Economics

A lively role play in which you can sharpen your
arguments against a conservative ideologue. Facilitated
by CPE staff economists.

Workshop 2 - Seeleye 304 - Women's Economic Empowerment
for Self Reliance - May Oluchi Okonkwor

Workshop 1 - Seeleye 204 - Introduction to the
Solidarity Economy - Emily Kawano, CPE & US Solidarity
Economy Network

Workshop 2 - Seeleye 304 - Africa and Global
Development - Mwangi wa Githinji, Prof. Economics,

Workshop 3 - Bass 210 - Empowering Communities through
Grassroots Organizing - Elsie Sanchez, Virgenmina
Perez, Neighbor to Neighbor

7-9 PM - The Economic Crisis and Aftermath - Seeleye

Nancy Folbre, CPE Staff economist Jerry Epstein, CPE
Staff economist Heidi Garrett-Peltier, CPE Staff

* Friday - July 29th 3:00-6:00 PM - Solidarity Economy
Tour or Free Time (meet outside of Seeleye)

On this walking tour, well visit some local initiatives
that are part of creating an economy for people and

For more information: Contact:
[log in to unmask]

Center for Popular Economics PO Box 785 - Amherst, MA
01004 - Phone 413-545-0743 Email:
[log in to unmask]


MEET THE AUTHOR AND DISCUSS: “Reviving the Strike: How
Working People can Regain Power and Transform America.”

Wednesday, Aug. 3rd 7:00 pm Second Congregational
Church 16 Court Sq. Greenfield, MA 

Come join Labor Negotiator/Attorney Joe Burns in a
discussion of his new book, Reviving the Strike. Books
available for purchase and signing. Event is
Co-sponsored by Western Mass. Jobs with Justice,
Franklin County Workers' Rights Committee, & Labor
Notes Magazine The Franklin County Workers' Rights
Committee would like to thank the Second Congregational
Church for the use of their meeting space, this does
not imply any endorsement by the Church of this event.

“An effective and provocative historical approach to a
complex problem: How do working Americans and their
unions reverse the decline in living standards and
employment security in the global economy?” Larry
Cohen, International President of the Communication
Workers of America 
“Joe Burns' new book explains why this traditional tool
of worker struggle is still relevant and how it can be
used effectively in the 21st century. Reviving The
Strike deserves a wide labor audience” Steve Early,
Labor Journalist and Author of The Civil Wars in US
“Joe Burns shows us how badly employers needed to
outlaw solidarity—and the drastic consequences for
workers. This book will prompt some major rethinking.”
Jane Slaughter, founder of Labor Notes Magazine and
editor of Troublemakers Handbook II 
“ Joe Burns has written an important book, stressing
through a series of examples the importance of the
strike to the past and future of the labor movement.
Burns also makes an eloquent plea for a return to old
fashioned, class conscious, militant unionism which, he
argues persuasively, can restore the strike and
rejuvenate the labor movement.” Julius Getman,
Professor of Law at the University of Texas and author
of The Betrayal of Local 14 and Restoring the Power of


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