March 2012, Week 5


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Thu, 29 Mar 2012 21:21:14 -0400
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Tidbits and Announcements - March 29, 2012

* SF Million Hoodie March for Justice for Trayvon Martin
  (Jonathan Nack)
* Re: Reportback: The 99%Spring Training for Trainers (Emile
* Re: Global Warming Close to Becoming Irreversible (Laurel
* Repealing Alabama's immigration law would be heard
  worldwide (Scott Douglas)
* HOW CLASS WORKS - 2012: Conference Schedule
* Protest of Afghanistan Massacre at Military Recruiter's
  Station - March 30 - Fremont, California
* Sixth Kendra Alexander Fund/CCDS Banquet - Advancing a
  Progressive Agenda: Locally and Nationally - April 29 -


* SF Million Hoodie March for Justice for Trayvon Martin

Below is a link to my latest video:

SF Million Hoodie March for Justice for Trayvon Martin

The addressees of this email are authorized to publish this
video, or use it in any way.

COPY COMMONS: Free use of this video, including publication
of it, is permitted; except by for profit publications, or
any use for profit, without the express consent of Jonathan
Nack, is prohibited.

Very truly yours,

Jonathan Nack


* Re: Reportback: The 99%Spring Training for Trainers

History keeps repeating. These are the exact same worries
that surfaced in the 1960s, even the word "cooptation".  The
answer is that nobody can coopt a person who won't be
coopted, and that isolating Occupy from major societal
groups like the AFL-CIO and MoveOn will lead to eventual
isolation and defeat.  In the 1960s, the groups that were
most worried about being coopted ended up as small sects
which could not grow, and eventually fizzled out.

Emile Schepers


* Re: Global Warming Close to Becoming Irreversible

It is amazing to me that this issue of climate change has
fallen off the agenda in North America even as the
temperatures rise and people know that something unusual is
going on. Partly it is the fossil fuels industry funding of
climate deniers, partly it is the mainstream media that
supports big oil, but it is also individuals who enjoy their
lifestyles and consumerism and are into their own denial. It
is our nature to think in the short-term and not in the
long-term and of our own advantages not the benefit of
society as a whole. It is our weakness and it is potentially

If you cannot get President Obama to say fracking is a bad
idea and we need to invest in solar energy big-time, no one
will. In Canada Prime Minister Harper has a vision of Canada
becoming a great fossil fuels producer. If this were the
beginning of the 20th century it would be a vision; as it is
the beginning of the 21st century it is just irresponsible.
He has no environmental policy and has labeled
environmentalists as radicals. But mainstream politicians
are the radicals who despite the scientific evidence persist
in supporting the big MNCs in their profit-taking while the
planet burns.

Laurel MacDowell


* Repealing Alabama's immigration law would be heard
worldwide (letter to the Birmingham (AL) News - Mar 29, 2012


The passage of our immigration law was heard around the
world not just because it was the "toughest" of state
immigration laws, but also because it was passed in Alabama.
It's doubtful the same law, if passed in Nebraska, would
have had the same negative response globally.

It's weird that a state with Alabama's human rights history
would broadcast to the world we want to make life for
undocumented immigrants "so unbearable they will self-
deport." That's the very definition of ethnic cleansing. Not

In today's globally competitive world, it's hardly a sign
that Alabama is open for business if we're closed to the
idea that immigration policy is the venue of our national
government. Businesses complain of government over-
regulation at the federal, state and local levels. In
Jefferson County, businesses complain of the hodgepodge of
required business licenses and permits, given the
multiplicity and balkanization of our municipalities.

Does anyone really think a complex web of state immigration
laws of varying statutes and penalties is good for business?

Here's a modest proposal. Alabama can achieve a strategic
business advantage by repealing HB 56. The only tweak of HB
56 that will be heard around the world is repeal. Anything
less will be subject to endless rounds of varying

HB 56 was heard around the world because Alabama passed it.
The repeal of HB 56 will be heard around the world even
louder -- because it was Alabama that repealed it.

Scott Douglas


* HOW CLASS WORKS - 2012: Conference Schedule

A Biannual Conference at SUNY Stony Brook
June 7-, 2012

See full schedule as .pdf here.

See summary schedule as .pdf here.


* Protest of Afghanistan Massacre at Military Recruiter's

Friday, March 30, 2012 Where: Fremont, California
2:30 pm - Rally at Fremont BART station

3:00 PM - March to Armed Forces Recruiting Center
          39194 Paseo Padre Pkwy

Organizers: Afghans for Peace; Iraq Veterans Against the War
(SF Bay Area); United States Afghan community Endorsers:
Courage to Resist, Decolonize Oakland, Education Not
Incarceration, Idriss Stelley Foundation, Occupy Oakland,
San Jose Peace and Justice Center, World Can't Wait SF Bay

The Afghan community, American war veterans, the Occupy
movement and their allies will hold a non-violent, direct
action demonstration in Fremont this Friday at the Armed
Forces Recruiting Station. This action is in response to
this month's massacre of 17 Afghan civilians in Kandahar
Province by U.S. military personnel.

These concerned demonstrators will be protesting against:

    The March 11 massacre in Kandahar, along with all other
    atrocities related to this war.

    U.S. military recruitment of poor and marginalized US
    citizens and residents.

    The "U.S./Afghan Strategic Partnership Agreement" which
    would extend the U.S. military occupation of Afghanistan
    into 2024.

Afghans and US war veterans said in a joint statement
earlier this week: "We're outraged--not only about this
latest atrocity--but by the drone attacks, the night raids,
the "kill teams" murdering for sport and collecting body
parts as trophies, the urinating on dead Afghan bodies while
filming it, the burning of Qurans... We also need to stand
in solidarity with economically disenfranchised youth of
color who are targeted by the military recruiters and end up
joining the military as their only way out of systematic
oppression at home."


* Sixth CCDS/Kendra Alexander Fund Banquet - Advancing a
Progressive Agenda: Locally and Nationally

April 29, 2012
2 PM, Reception & Dinner
3 PM, Program
Redwood Gardens
2961 Derby St., Berkeley

The keynote speaker is Leonard McNeil, three term city
council member and former mayor of San Pablo.  Leonard has
been an activist in the movement for progressive social
change for over 40 years through involvement in the trade
union movement, journalism, electoral politics, affirmative
action, youth leadership development and the peace movement.

2012 Honorees:
    Eric Mar, current San Francisco Supervisor
    Maudelle Shirek, former Berkeley City Council Member and
    longtime community activist
    Kriss Worthington, current Berkeley City Council Member

Plus a working class cultural performance.

Dinner catered by Jordon Alexander of Jordon's Culinary

Tickets are $35.  Or you can be a sponsor for a contribution
of at least $100.  Sponsorship includes one ticket, with an
additional ticket for each $75 additional contribution.
Checks should be made payable to "CCDS" and sent to:
6422 Irwin Ct.
Oakland, CA 94609

For more information, contact
Steve Willett
510 654-7818
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