May 2011, Week 4


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Wed, 25 May 2011 23:21:13 -0400
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Feminists Demand Let Justice Be Done

Attached is a petition started by a group of us in the
United States and posted yesterday at:


Hundreds of women from around the world have already signed
it with numbers growing hourly. Countries include the United
States, Canada, France, Brazil, Senegal, Indonesia, Germany,
the Netherlands, Mexico, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, and more.
We are urging folks to also send contributions to help the
housekeeper who is now, of course, unable to work, and her
fifteen year old daughter. We are working in tandem with the
union and with her attorney. Please join us in signing and
forwarding to others. Contributions may be sent to Judson
Memorial Church, Attn: Women's Fund, 55 Washington Square
South, New York, New York 10012-1018.

Many thanks,

Bettina Aptheker
Santa Cruz, CA


Feminists Demand Freedom from Sexual Assault and Harassment

We agree:

Rape is always about power and domination; it is sexualized

Rape and sexual harassment of women are pervasive at all
strata of society and in all corners of the globe. Women
will never be fully free and able to enjoy equality with men
until this ends. As feminists, we see the arrest of former
International Monetary Fund director Dominique Strauss-Kahn
on sexual assault charges as an opportunity to increase
public awareness and as a wake-up call to renew action
against sexual violence, not only in the US where his arrest
occurred and in France, where media and many public figures
are portraying him as the victim, but around the world.

We join French feminists in saying that just as Strauss-Kahn
is innocent until proven guilty, his accuser must also be
respected and believed to be credible unless proven false.
We commend her employer, Sofitel, and the action of the NYC
Police for taking her complaint seriously. We call for
feminists around the world to join with her union (New York
Hotel and Motel Trades Council Local 6) in collecting funds
for legal and daily expenses, as her work is now curbed and
life circumstances vastly altered. Contributions can be sent
to Judson Memorial Church (attention Women's Fund) 55
Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012-1018.

We also share French feminist indignation at the deliberate
and opportunistic confusion of seduction and sexual
violence, from Strauss-Kahn's declaration that he "loves
women," to the journalists and politicians who rally behind
this "Great Seducer." It is outrageous that the allegation
of attempted rape during the course of a housekeeper's work
day raises issues about any woman's life story and sexual
history. And portraying powerful Strauss-Kahn as "too
civilized" to commit a violent crime plays upon colonial and
racist stereotypes vis-a-vis an African immigrant woman.

We adamantly oppose all harassment, sexual violence and
rape, and we know that when there is a large discrepancy
between the power, the wealth and racial hierarchy of the
parties involved, justice is even harder to come by. All
rapists and harassers believe they are entitled, and often
when they are part of the power elite they assume that
influence will outweigh the legal protection and freedom
from coercion all women should enjoy. Feminists around the
world demand that justice be done.

Women of all countries, unite!

This statement was initiated by the following feminists:

Bettina Aptheker, CA, U.S.
Lori Askeland, OH, U.S.
Eleanor J. Bader, NY, U.S.
Rosalyn Baxandall, NY, U.S.
Halina Bendkowski, Berlin, Germany
Saliha Boussedra, Toulouse, France
Eileen Boris, CA, U.S.
Ariel Dougherty, NM, U.S.
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, CA, U.S.
Judith Ezekiel, Toulouse, France
Francisca de Haan, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Myrna Hill, CA, U.S.
Merle Hoffman, NY, U.S.
Barrie Karp, NY, U.S.
Bea Kreloff, NY, U.S.
Tobe Levin von Gleichen, Frankfurt, Germany
Ilana Lowy, Paris France
Fran Luck, NY, U.S.
Claire G. Moses, VA, U.S.
Marge Piercy, MA, U.S.
Fanette Pollack, NY, U.S.
Marilyn Porter, Newfoundland, Canada
Deborah Rosenfelt, MD, US
Kathryn Scarbrough, NJ, U.S.
Donna Schaper, NY, U.S.
Lise Vogel, NY, U.S.
Suzanna Walters, IN, U.S.
Naomi Weisstein, NY, U.S.
Barbara Winslow, NY, U.S.
Laura X, CA, U.S.

Also signed by

Carol Hanisch, NY, U.S.
Jane Barry, PA, U.S.
Nancy Krieger, MA, U.S.
Vicki Nichols, VA, U.S.
Mary Carlson, CA, U.S.
Shailja Patel, Nairobi, Kenya
Elaine Shinbrot, NJ, U.S.
Barbara Rylko-Bauer, MI, U.S.
Amanda Frisken, NY, U.S.
Dabney Evans, GA, U.S.
Trude Bennett, NC, U.S.
Amy Kessleman , NY, U.S.
Therese McGinn, NY, U.S.
Carolina Neiva Viancello, Brussels, Belgium
Comfort Momoh, London, UK
Naana Otoo-Otortoy, London, UK
Abebah Tekleab, Stockholm, Sweden
Khady Koita, Tervuren, Belgium
Ambara Hashi Nur, Aarhus, Denmark
Etenesh Hadis, Vienna, Austria
Batulo Essek, Helsinki, Finland
Julie Kakiese, Brussels, Belgium
Fana Habteab, Uppsala, Sweden
Maretta Short, NJ, USA
Martha Vicinus, MA, USA
Rosalind Petchesky, NY, U.S.
Lauri Andress, TX, U.S
Susan Reverby, MA, U.S.
Leslie Dubbin, CA, U.S.
Ellen Ross, NY, U.S.
Temma Kaplan, NY, U.S.
Troy Shinbrot, NJ, U.S.
Roberta Salper, MA, U.S.
Stephanie Gilmore, DE, U.S.
Susan Brownmiller, NY, U.S.
Laura Anker, NY, U.S.
Kathleen Slaon, CT, U.S.
Chris Coombe, MI, US
Abby Lippman, Quebec, Canada
Linda Stein, NY, U.S.
Rosemary Szegda, NJ, U.S.
Estelle Regolsky, MA, U.S.
Brigitte Bramie, Paris France
Guylene Deasy, NC, U.S.
Monique Dental, Paris, France.
Alice Ngyone Endamne, CA, U.S.
Jules Falquet, Paris, France
Suzy Rojtman, Paris, France
Maya Surduts, Paris, France.
Anne-Marie Viossat, Paris, France
Rebecca Whisnant, OH, US
Bronwyn Winter, Sydney Australia
Estelle B. Freedman, CA, U.S.
Anne-Emanuelle Birn, Ontario, Canada
Juliet Ash, London, England
Barbara Garson, NY, U.S.
Laura Flanders, NY, U.S.
Marilyn Zivian, CA, U.S.
Nisia Trindade Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Heather Booth, Washington, DC, U.S.
Eve Ensler, Paris, France
Leila J. Rupp, CA, U.S.
Kathryn Kish Sklar, NY, U.S.
Joan Ditzion, MA, U.S.
Sonia Fuentes, FL, U.S.
Chandra L. Ford, CA, U.S.
Aida Hurtado, CA, U.S.
Alison Williams, NJ, U.S.
Elizabeth Pleck, IL, U.S.
Shelley Fisher Fishkin CA, U.S.
Leslie J. Reagan, IL, U.S.
Leisa D. Meyer, VA, U.S.
Katha Pollitt, NY, U.S.
Yanar Mohammed, Baghdad, Iraq
Sonia Jaffe Robbins, NY, U.S.
Alia Shinbrough, NJ, U.S.
JoAnn Jaffe, Saskatchewan, CA
Dee Appleby, SC, U.S.
William Scarbrough III, SC, U.S.
Teresa Scarbrough, CA, U.S.
Patricia Rackowski, Boston, MA
Nalini Visvanathan, Washington, DC
Barbara M. Sow, Dakar Senegal
Beth E. Rivin, Seattle, Washington, USA
Ana Maria Carrillo Farga, Mexico
Alison Katz, Geneva, Switzerland
Megan McLaughlin, IL, U.S.
Fatou Sow, Dakar Senegal
Dula F. Pacquiao, NJ, U.S.
Inti Maria Tidball-Binz, Bs As, Argentina
Emily May, NY, U.S.
Evelyn Torton Beck, Washington, DC USA
Dana Rabin, IL, U.S.
Sarah E. Huertas, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Jesse Lemisch, NY, U.S.
Josephine Soumah, France
Claire Bond Potter, CT U.S.
Carina Ray, NJ, U.S.
Deborah Rossum, IA, U.S.
Maria E. Cotera, MI, U.S.
Barbara Molony, CA, U.S.
Kristy Rawson, MI, U.S.
Antoinette Burton, IL, U.S.
Mary Nolan, NY, U.S.
Ruth Rosen, CA, U.S.
Julie Laut, IL, U.S.
Erik McDuffie, IL, U.S.
Yxta Maya Murray, CA, U.S.
Jo Salas, NY, U.S.
Barbara Leon, CA, U.S.
Edwina Barvosa, CA, U.S.
Maureen H. Williams, CA, U,S,
Bob Weil, CA, U.S.
Anica Leon-Weil, CA, U.S.
Finn Mackay, Bristol, England
Regan Kramer, Paris, France
Dominique Tripet, Orleans, France
Sandrine Goldschmidt, Paris, France
Didier Epsztajn, France
B. Chical, Paris, France
C. Steinmuller, Paris, France
Emmanuelle Cesari,Paris, France
Rhania Azzouz, Montreuil-Sous-Bois, France
Nelly Trumel, Paris, France
Frederique Strzalka.
Flores Espinola, Artemisa, Paris, France.
Claire Desaint, Varades, France
Anne Mogensen, Paris, France
Cecile Vermot, Paris, France
Marie- Claire Lotrian, France
Francoise Leclerc, Montrouge, France
Khursheed Wadia, Birmingham, Uk.
Danielle Michel-Chich, France
Barbara Wolman, Toulouse, France
Anne Larue, Paris, France
Suzy Candido,Toulouse, France
Marie Frantz Joachim, Port Au Prince, Haiti
Sylvie Duverger, Paris, France
Dominique Pineau, France
Christiane Marty, France
Nathalie Harran, Paris, France
Michele Loup,Paris, France
Malka Marcovich Paris, France
Emmanuelle Piet, Bondy, France
Marie-France Casalis, Fresnes, France
Francoise Bellot, Fresnes, France
Lena Lavinas, Rio De Janeiro, Bresil.
Lourdes Bandeira, Brasilia - Bresil
Martine Noel, Paris, France
Jamileh Nedai, France
Trine Korsvik, Oslo, Norvege
Saadia Majdi-Jollivet, Paris, France
Marie Josee Pepin, Paris, France
Francoise Leclerc, France
Natacha Henry, Paris, France
Jocelyne Fildard, Grigny, France
Claude Viguie, Bergerac, France
Aline Silvestre, France
Bila Sorj, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Nathalie Adato Paris, France
Anais Becquelin, France
Ingrid Darroman, Tarbes, France
Fiona Rescan, Toulouse, France
Nicole Johnson, Fez, Morocco.
Francoise Mariotti, Montpellier, France
Gilles D'elia, France
Raphaelle Legrand, Paris, France
Laurence De Cock, France
Danielle Charest, Paris, France
Rose-Marie Lagrave, Paris, France
Paula Dumont, France
Christele Rocher, Marseille, France
Jacqueline Julien, Toulouse, France
Patricia Cartier-Millon, France
Anne Chantran, Paris, France
Sophie Chauveau, Paris, France
Julie Poupe, France
Lise Roure,France
Michele Dayras, France
Sarah Nassera Oussekine, Saint Denis, France
Barbara Wolman, Toulouse, France
Christine Aubree, France
Francoise Stichelbaut, Bruxelles, Belgique
Therese Gracieuse Gentil, NICE, France
Yvette Claveranne, Paris, France
Nelly Trumel, Paris, France
Jean SYLVESTRE, Paris, France
Isabelle Moulins Marseille, France
Anita Freudiger Marseille, France
Ashinsa Bopearachchi, France
Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, Paris, France
Catherine Caudal, Paris, France
Sofi Plisson, Toulouse, France
Laurence Pujol, Toulouse France
Benloucif-Ouali Taous, Nancy, France
Henriet Genin, France
Zahia Aitbachir, France
Claire Michard, Montrouge, France
Constance Durocher, Quebec, Canada
Gisele Bourret,Montreal (Quebec),Canada
Rayhana, Paris, France
Elsa Petit-Hassan, Blois, France
Agnes Montier, Alencon, France
Marie Claude Rousseau, Le Mans, France
Christine Delphy, Paris, France
Frances Auda, Paris, France
Elisabeth Maugars, Saint-Pierre-Des-Corps, France


Les feministes exigent que justice soit faite

Le viol est toujours une question de pouvoir et de
domination. C'est une violence sexuee. Le viol et le
harcelement sexuel envers les femmes sont omnipresents dans
toutes les couches sociales et dans tous les pays. Les
femmes ne seront jamais veritablement libres et en mesure
d'acceder a l'egalite avec les hommes aussi longtemps que
cette situation durera. Pour nous, en tant que feministes,
l'arrestation de l'ancien directeur du Fonds monetaire
international Dominique Strauss-Kahn, accuse d'agression
sexuelle, est l'occasion d'accroitre la prise de conscience
du public et d'attirer l'attention sur la necessite de
relancer la lutte contre la violence sexuelle, non seulement
aux Etats-Unis, ou il a ete arrete, et en France, ou les
medias et nombre de personnalites en vue le depeignent comme
la victime, mais egalement dans le monde entier.

Nous sommes d'accord avec les feministes francaises pour
dire ceci : tout comme Strauss-Kahn doit etre presume
innocent tant que sa culpabilite n'a pas ete etablie, son
accusatrice a droit au respect et sa parole ne doit pas etre
mise en doute jusqu'a preuve du contraire. Nous nous
rejouissons que son employeur, Sofitel, et la police de la
ville de New York aient pris sa plainte au serieux et agi en
consequence. Nous appelons les feministes du monde entier a
contribuer aux initiatives prises par son syndicat (New York
Hotel and Motel Trades Council) pour recueillir des fonds
destines a couvrir les depenses juridiques et quotidiennes,
car son travail est desormais perturbe et sa vie de tous les
jours profondement bouleversee. Les dons a l'intention de la
victime peuvent etre envoyes a : Judson Memorial Church -
attention Women's Fund - 55 Washington Square South, New
York, NY 10012-1018.

Nous partageons aussi l'indignation des feministes
francaises face a la confusion opportuniste et deliberement
entretenue entre seduction et violence sexuelle, depuis
Strauss-Kahn, disant qu'il " aime les femmes ", jusqu'aux
journalistes et responsables politiques qui serrent les
rangs derriere ce " grand seducteur ". Il est choquant que
l'allegation de tentative de viol d'une femme de menage
pendant ses heures de travail donne lieu a la mise en cause
de la vie et du passe sexuel de cette personne. L'image de
l'homme haut place qu'est Strauss-Kahn " trop civilise "
pour commettre un crime violent joue sur des stereotypes
colonialistes et racistes vis-a-vis d'une immigree

Nous sommes resolument opposees a toutes les formes de
harcelement, de violence sexuelle et de viol, et nous savons
que lorsqu'il existe une grande disparite de pouvoir, de
richesse et de hierarchie raciale entre les parties en
presence, la justice a encore plus de mal a s'affirmer. Tous
les violeurs et agresseurs sont convaincus de leur bon
droit, et souvent ceux qui font partie de l'elite du pouvoir
partent du principe que leur influence l'emportera sur la
protection juridique et la liberte de disposer de soi dont
toutes les femmes doivent beneficier. Les feministes du
monde entier exigent que justice soit faite.

Femmes de tous les pays, unissons nous. 


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