October 2011, Week 2


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REWIND - A Week of Quotes & Cartoons


Quote of the Day
October 2, 2011

'When people critique this movement and say spurious
things about their clothes or their jobs or the general
way they look, they are showing how shallow we have
become as a nation. They forget that these people have
taken time out of their lives to stand up for values
that are purely American and in the interest of our
democracy. They forget that these people are encamped
in an urban park, where they are not allowed to have
tents or other normal camping gear. They are living far
outside their comfort zone to protect and celebrate
liberty, equality and the rule of law.

'It is a thing of beauty to see so many people so in
love with the ideal of democracy, so alive with its
promise, so committed to its continuity in the face of
crony capitalism and corporate rule. That must and
should be celebrated. That must and should be respected
and admired.

'Their message is very clear and simple: get money out
of the political process; strive for equality in
taxation and equal rights for all regardless of race,
gender, social status, sexual preference or age. We
must stop poisoning our food, air and water for
corporate greed. The people on Wall Street and in the
banking industrial complex that destroyed our economy
must be investigated and brought to justice under the
law for what they have done by stealing people's homes
and savings.

'Jobs can and must be created. Family farms must be
saved. The oil and gas industry must be divested of its
political power and cheap, reliable alternative energy
must be made available.'

Mark Ruffalo
'We are the 99 per cent'
Guardian (UK)
October 2, 2011

Chain Gang
Tony Auth - Philadelphia Inquirer


Quote of the Day
October 3, 2011

'The pink slips have gone out, and if no deal is
reached by Friday, 716 of New York City's lowest-paid
workers - school aides, parent coordinators and other
members of school support staffs - will lose their
jobs, the latest victims of budget cuts to the public

'Nearly 350 schools will be affected, in a scattered
pattern, according to a list of layoffs by school,
which was obtained and analyzed by The New York Times.
Entire school districts and one borough, Staten Island,
are untouched, but schools that serve large numbers of
poor or struggling students are disproportionately
affected, as are schools receiving federal money to
improve results after years of weak performance.'

New York Times
October 3, 2011

Toon of the Day
Chain Gang
Tony Auth - Philadelphia Inquirer


Quote of the Day
October 4, 2011

'The EU helped to lay the foundations of this crisis
and, since the crisis hit, it has exacerbated the
situation in collaboration with the IMF and the ECB. It
is the task of The Left to voice the anger and
helplessness that citizens justifiably feel towards the
neoliberal, solidarity-diminishing policy being adopted
by the EU, and to direct these feelings towards those
who caused and have benefited from the crisis. If this
anger is underestimated, it will be the death of
Europe. Nationalism and disintegration are not a
solution. We do not need less European integration; we
need a different kind of integration. We want an EU
that no longer puts itself at the mercy of the
financial markets. An EU that offers a democratic and
political alternative to globalisation. An EU that is
controlled not by the interests of corporations and
financial lobby groups, but by the interests of the
general public. An EU that is founded on solidarity,
not on competition and exclusion. An EU with a common
economic and social policy, and minimum social and
environmental standards. Either Europe becomes social
or it fails. That is why we need to make a fresh start
towards building a democratic, social and peaceful

Die Linke (The Left) Party
June 14, 2011

Toon of the Day
Mike Luckovich


Quote of the Day
October 5, 2011

"Look, enough of this nonsense. Help us get people back
to work. Help us with infrastructure. Help us resurrect
manufacturing. Give us some aid to state and local
governments so they don't continue to lay off people.
Help us put people back to work or you do so at your
own peril. And I think it's going to have a tremendous
effect. You see what's happening on Wall Street right
now, on thousands and millions probably of people agree
with what the message is. That this economy is working
for 99 -- for 1% of the people and the rest of us, the
other 99% are getting left behind in this economy. So
those that support the 1%, I think are going to have a
tough time next year explaining to the American public
why they didn't step up to the plate and create jobs."

'... What they're doing is saying what all of us
believe and what we know. Look, Wall Street created
this mess. They destroyed $13 trillion in value. And we
have a couple of simple demands for them. One, we want
them to invest in America. Big business and Wall
Street. To invest in America and create jobs. They have
$2 trillion parked in accounts across the country,"
Trumka said to Maddow.'

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka
Rachel Maddow Show
October 4, 2011

Toon of the Day
Rob Rogers


Quote of the Day
October 6, 2011

'...the anti-Wall Street demonstrators have created a
new pole in politics. Americans have always been wary
of concentrated power. The Tea Party had great success
in focusing anxieties on what it argues is an
excessively powerful federal government. Now an active
and angry band of citizens is insisting that the
concentrated power Americans most need to fear exists
on Wall Street and in the financial system.'

Columnist E.J. Dionne Jr.
Washington Post
October 6, 2011

Toon of the Day
View from the Top
Jim Morin - Miami Herald


Quote of the Day
October 7, 2011

'The unemployment rate is for the moment holding steady
at 9.1%, but at the current rate of job creation, the
unemployment rate will soon begin to rise again.  We
are mired in high unemployment with miserably low job
growth.  This country has fourteen million unemployed
people, and the job growth rate has unmistakably slowed
down since the spring.

'This morning's data release shows that 103,000 jobs
were added in September.  That number, however,
includes around 45,000 Verizon workers coming off the
picket lines, so the net new jobs the economy created
in September was actually around 58,000.  This level of
growth is in line with the dismal average of the last
four months, which was 64,000, and that was a slowdown
from the not-doing-much-more-than-keeping-up-with-
population-growth average of 123,000 of the prior 14

Heidi Shierholz, economist,
Economic Policy Institute
October 7, 2011

Toon of the Day
Stubborn Quotes


Quote of the Day
October 8, 2011

'Children will be among those most harmed by the jobs
crisis. The Economic Policy Institute, using data from
the September report, has calculated that 278,000
teachers and other public school employees have lost
their jobs since the recession began in December 2007.
Over the same period, 48,000 new teaching jobs were
needed to keep up with the increased enrollments but
were never created. In all, public schools are now
short 326,000 jobs.

'At a time when more and better education is seen as
crucial to economic dynamism and competitiveness,
larger class sizes and fewer teachers are the last
thing the nation needs. Staffing reductions also mean
that schools are less able to respond to the needs of
poor children, whose ranks have increased by 2.3
million from 2008 to 2010.

'The situation calls out for swift passage of Mr.
Obama's jobs bill and even more far-reaching efforts to
revive growth and employment. The alternative is
lasting damage from a jobs crisis that has already done
enormous harm to families and communities. '

New York Times
October 8, 2011

Toon of the Day
The Point
Dan Wassserman - Boston Globe


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