January 2012, Week 4


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Tue, 24 Jan 2012 23:35:24 -0500
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Tidbits, January 24, 2012

 1 Portside and Earthlink - problems continue - message from
   Portside Moderator 
 2 "Can the Labor Movement and Occupy
   Wall Street March down the Same Road?" - New York City -
   Jan. 27 
 3 Re: Fighting a Forbidden Battle: How I Stopped
   Covering Up for a Hidden  Wrong (Nancy Rubin Mikelsons) 
 4 Re: Controversial Killer Flu Research Paused (Beth
 5 Re: Chicago City Council Passes Rahm Emanuel's
   Anti- Protest Ordinances (Madeline Breslin) 
 6 Re: Red Tails in the Sunset (Dave Ecklein, Jim Williams) 


 1. Portside and Earthlink - problems continue - message from
 Portside Moderator

 In the past, readers who have an "earthlink.net: mail
 address experienced problems receiving Portside messages.
 Often the messages were blank.

 Not the problem is with "igc.org" addresses - IGC is now a
 subsidiary of Earthlink.

 We have checked and re-checked - the problem is not on our
 end. This is a problem with how Earthlink receives and then
 forwards email. We suggest that our readers complain to
 Earthlink Customer Support. (If you do, please le us know
 what happens. We will share whatever we learn with you our
 readers, as a number of our moderators have either Earthlink
 or IGC email accounts.)


 2 "Can the Labor Movement and Occupy Wall Street March down
 the Same Road?" - New York City - Jan. 27

 Murphy Institute, CUNY, 25 W. 43 rd St. 18th Floor, New York

 Friday, January 27, 2012  -- 8:30am until 10:30am

 Occupy Wall Street's singular achievement has been to inject
 issues of concentrated wealth, inequality, and the threat to
 democracy into the heart of national debate, something the
 labor movement has tried but largely failed to do for many
 years. Occupy Wall Street continues to generate attention
 across the country. While unions were one of its earliest
 supporters, and share some of its ideals, the two movements
 are also markedly different. Unlike unions, Occupy Wall
 Street is inherently anti-capitalist. It also makes a point
 of not having a set of demands or a defined leadership,
 while trade unions are highly structured representative
 bodies that pay meticulous attention to formulating specific
 programs and demands. How do the two movements view each
 other? What has been their working relationship so far? How
 do OWS and unions see organizing? Are their strategies and
 tactics compatible? What can OWS gain from the involvement
 of organized labor, and vice versa?

 Discussing these questions are John Samuelsen, president of
 Transport Workers Union, Local 100; Tammy Kim, staff
 attorney at the Urban Justice Center and an active member of
 the Occupy Wall Street Immigrant Worker Justice Working
 Group; Mario Dartayet-Rodriguez, Organizing Director, AFSCME
 DC 37 and member of the Labor Outreach Committee of OWS; and
 Amy Muldoon, member of CWA, Local 1106, and CWA District 1
 liaison to OWS. The forum will be moderated by Steve Fraser,
 labor historian, author of numerous books including Labor
 Will Rule: Sidney Hillman & the Rise of American Labor, and
 Wall Street: America's Dream Palace, and a member of the
 Labor Outreach Committee of OWS. Please RSVP to Eloiza
 Morales at             212-642-2029       or
 [log in to unmask]


 3 Re: Fighting a Forbidden Battle: How I Stopped Covering Up
 for a Hidden  Wrong

 Many thanks for sharing this incredible piece of writing. At
 72 I have been struggling with the same issues all my life.
 I am still asking the same questions Jesse is asking and
 coming up with very similar answers.  Thank you for airing
 such an honest and difficult piece for which I am afraid you
 are going to get seriously abused and loose some
 subscribers.  There are those of us who applaud your courage
 for sharing this amazingly honest, powerful and painful
 article. Please communicate my appreciation of the article
 to Jesse if that is possible.

 With much respect,

 Nancy Rubin Mikelsons


 4 Re: Controversial Killer Flu Research Paused

 Stephen King's The Stand, come to life.

 Beth Moriarty


 5 Re: Chicago City Council Passes Rahm Emanuel's Anti-
   Protest Ordinances

 Folks who look up to politicians must take a more critical
 look at what people like The Great Rahm are doing to
 Chicago.  They are dead wrong on this issue and thinking
 people HOPE beyond HOPE they are stopped in their tracks for
 their UNPATRIOTIC AND UNAMERICAN words and deeds.  Sorry

 Madeline Breslin


 6 Re: Red Tails in the Sunset, from Herb Boyd, Jim Williams
 and Dave Ecklein


You must a senior citizen as I am to provide such
insightful comments on Red Tails.  Even your play on the
title indicates your depth and understanding, not only of
African Aemrican culture but American culture.  Here's my
take on your title, which I had composed several days ago:
(to the melody of "Red Sails in the Sunset":  Red Tails in
the sunset way up in the sky, you've proven most bravely,
that black men can fly.  Anyway, your points are well taken
and I've discussed some of them with Dr. Roscoe Brown who was
the pilot who shot down the first German jet.  

Best, Hb
 = = =

I think Jean Damu's review of Red Tails is a pretty good one,
but I would think maybe a little too harsh.

In an interview with the times, Lucas said the film is aimed
mostly a adolescent boys.  Lucks said he was trying to make
the sort of Rah-Rah WWII movie like John Wayne in the Flying

Is the film historically true?

On a micro level: no.  Everything Damu says is on the money.

On a macro level: I would argue that the film makes the
salient truths: The 332nd smashed the myth of white supremacy
and African American inferiority.  This was a major
breakthrough and an enduring source of pride. If a little of
that gets transmitted to adolescent youth, I am pleased.

An artistic triumph?  Well, it was at least as good as Flying

I saw it in a largly African American audience, and they
erupted in cheers and applause at a number of points in the

Anyway,maybe I am getting soft in the head, but I liked it.

Jim Williams

= = = 

 Odd that Jean Damu did not mention the 1995 movie "Tuskeegee
 Airmen" (directed by Robert Markowitz, and starring Lawrence
 Fishburne).  This has been out on DVD and appears to be a
 superior film.  Perhaps Damu can correct this oversight in a

 Dave Ecklein


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