December 2015, Week 2


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Fri, 11 Dec 2015 06:02:23 -0500
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Portside Digest - 

          Trump&#039;s `Muslim Policy&#039; Conjures Up Demons From Fascism&#039;s History
          December 10, 2015
          Trump's proposal taps into a reservoir of racism that is part of American history. FDR ordered American-born and immigrant Japanese people into prison camps at the outset of World War II, one of the worst violations of the Constitution. From the moment the first slave was taken off a ship in colonial America, African-Americans have been subjected to violent racism. So have Latino immigrants, another Trump target. Anti-Islam feeling is rampant...all it needs is a leader.
          We Can Do Better Than Capitalism - You Can Help
          December 10, 2015
          Portside thinks we can do better than capitalism -- and had better do better, if we and our children are going to have a future -- without proposing a neat blueprint for the future or a well-drawn roadmap to it. We are a community of people on the left and an alternative medium of communication. Every year at this time, Portside asks all our readers for help, for support. Here's why we are asking for your support.
          5 Signs That Benjamin Netanyahu&#039;s Split With Israel Security Chiefs Is a Crisis
          December 10, 2015
          Seldom, if ever, have Israel's decision-makers been so sharply at odds with their professional watchdogs on so many critical issues. Netanyahu has staked out a position on the nature of Islamist terrorism that's fundamentally at odds with his own intelligence community. Other questions include the causes of the current violence and strategies for containing it, the advisability of goodwill gestures toward the Palestinians, and the feasibility of resuming peace talks.
          What Happened to the White Working Class? The Great Die-Off of America&#039;s Blue Collar Whites
          December 9, 2015
          Downward mobility plus racial resentment is a potent combination with disastrous consequences. We know now that election 2016 is increasingly an open portal into an age-old American dark side of slavery, repression, internment, and know-nothing-ism that couldn't be grimmer.  And behind it all, running like an interstate highway through our history, is a powerful sense of white skin privilege that has traditionally extended even to those who were relatively powerless.
          Deindustrialization, Depopulation, and the Refugee Crisis
          December 10, 2015
          The New York Times reported in 2014 new immigrants are more often to be found in midsize cities, like Dayton, Ohio than in New York, Chicago, and other large cities. Like Youngstown, Dayton had lost over 40% of its population. But city officials embraced immigration by establishing a Welcoming Dayton plan in 2011. New immigrants and refugees were encouraged to relocate in this community and developed support groups to help newcomers adjust to their new community.
          Tidbits - December 10, 2015 - Trump is a Fascist; Chicago Police Crimes; Venezuela Elections; Portside Fund Appeal; Bernie Sanders&#039; Socialism and the Left Critics; Remembering Danny Rubin; and more...
          December 10, 2015
          Reader Comments: Trump is a Fascist; Poem written by Pastor Martin Neimoller; They Are Coming Again; Chicago Police Crimes and Mayor Rahm; Venezuela Elections; Portside Fund Appeal; Non-Profits and the 99%; Bernie Sanders' Socialism and the Left Critics; Edward Snowden Meets John Cusack and Arundhati Roy; World's Richest 10 Percent Responsible for Half of CO2; Remembering Danny Rubin
          The Bangladesh Accord - a Model to Secure Workers Rights in Global Supply Chains?
          December 10, 2015
          The Bangladesh Accord negotIated by global labor and lnternational human rights groups after the Rana Plaza building collapse in 2013 contains important protections for workers.  Nonetheless, its effectiveness is limited by the weakness of unions on the ground in Bangladesh and by the pro-corporate global regulatory framework. 
          Marxism and Ecology: Common Fonts of a Great Transition (long)
          December 10, 2015
          Socialist thought is re-emerging at the forefront of the movement for global ecological and social change. In the face of the planetary emergency, theorists have unearthed a powerful ecological critique of capitalism at the foundations of Marx's materialist conception of history. This has led to a more comprehensive conception of socialism rooted in Marx's analysis of the rift in "the universal metabolism of nature" and his vision of sustainable human development.


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